From: Marcie (
Mon Dec 28 17:59:53 2009

Hello, I am in Maryland and looking for a doctor that can help me. I know you posted this almost 5 years ago, but you had said you found a good doctor here in Maryland. I am desperate to find a doctor who knows what I am going through and willing to help. I have been turned down by three doctors all of which are telling me to go to a pain specialist. If you know of anyone in the area, please let me know and also if he did help and how you are doing?

Thank you Marcie

At Fri, 14 Jan 2005, International Adhesions Society wrote: >
>Hi Mary;
>Thanks for the bit of info I read on the
>adhesions web site. I am not new here, but
>I have had surgery twice with Dr. Redan
>while he was in PA. And with Dr. Gerhart.
>This last year I have suffered with nausea,
>vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, etc. You know
>the drill, I am sure. There has been no
>"mechanical" obstruction. I went to a new
>general surgeon today and he seems to think
>that these other doctor's )not necessarily
>the ones in PA) that have operated on me don't
>thoroughly look at my intestines to see if
>there are any adhesions attached to my bowel.
>I am scheduled for surgery next Thursday, Jan
>20. Where about in Maryland are you located? I
>was going to a GI Doctor @ John's Hopkins in
>Baltimore, but he wasn't doing anything for me.
>I live in Northern Virginia. What type of
>surgery did you have, and what makes you feel
>as though it's successful so far? What type
>of surgeon did you go to, if you don't mind
> my asking?
>Hope to hear from you, my story is also
>on the adhesions quilt. Under, Karen Carter.
>In friendship
>Karen Carter

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