Re: Uninsured Adhesion Sufferrer Kicked Out Of The Hospital!

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Mon Dec 28 17:59:45 2009

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I am from NJ and currently seeing a Pain Management specialist who is definitely not at the top of his game.I saw on line there is an adhesion expert in Germany. Is anyone familiar with Klinik Am in Hanover?

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>Subject: Re: Uninsured Adhesion Sufferrer Kicked Out Of The Hospital!
>Angela, I have a question for you. You said that you were out on LTD,
>can other employees donate time for you to continue to get a paycheck?
>If so, you could possibly still get medical coverage. I would also call
>Social Security and ask about applying for SSD. How long will your LTD
last? >I just read everything you have been through and it just breaks my heart.
>Everyone has the RIGHT to medical care, and medications for their illness, 
>and for pain. What is wrong with that Hospital? There has to be someone
>out there to help you! Aren't there representatives for your state that
can  >help, or a Senator, or Congressman? I'm sure your local newspaper, or TV
>news station would love to get ahold of this story. If so, then usually
>people do come forward to offer their help. Good Luck, and take
care. Cheryl
>[moderator note: LTD is an employee specific benefit; others cannot donate
>time. LTD also impacts payroll amounts depending on what a company has set
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>> Subject: Uninsured Adhesion Sufferrer Kicked Out Of The Hospital!
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>> Subject: Uninsured Adhesion Sufferrer Kicked Out Of The Hospital!
>> I have an ileus & feel like an impending obstruction.I was
>> readmitted via the ER for abdominal pain,nausea,severe costipation,
>> chills,sky high blood pressure & just feeling yucky.I was treated
>> to correct electrolyte imbalance,giving enemas,laxatives,pain meds,
>> CT scans,Obstructive series & EGD but nothing worked!After 9 days
>> inpatient an Attending whom I have never seen nor ever examined
>> by entered my room telling me that I was discharged.
>> I tried to explain my symptoms & my concerns of possible perforation,
>> gangrene to intestines and that I was told that a colonoscopy was
>> going to be done. The attending informed me nothing else will be
>> done, that I will not be receiving surgery & that if I did not
>> leave the premises I would be escorted out of the hospital by
>> security & the local police department would be called!I aksed to
>> speak with my personal physicians but was denied.Long story short
>> I was kicked out of the hospital,escorted by security!I am so furious.
>> I was at a not for profit prestigious hospital,is this the care
>> that sick uninsured Americans can look forward to.They had no care
>> nor concern that I was still in pain,my HIPPA Privacy rights were
>> violated and I am still sufferring with the same symptoms that I
>> entered the hospital with.I need help & I need it now!It is obvious
>> that this facility which I have had previous surgical procedures
>> while insured has no knowledge how to truly care for their patients
>> never less ones that suffer with adhesions!!!!!!!!!!
>> I need desperately to get to Florida to see Dr. Redan.Last year
>> when I had insurance I was battling with my insurance company
>> to approve the consultation to see Dr. Redan but I was denied
>> & then my premiums increased from $643.71 to $740.00. I am out
>> on medical disability(LTD)but not poor enough to qualify for
>> medicaid or charity care!If anyone reads this & knows of any
>> kind of medical/financial assistance out there please let me know.


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