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Thu Dec 24 15:27:49 2009

Thank you for your concern. Do they burn ??? Do they pull on you ? It's as if sometimes I can even rub them out... a little. After reading a lot of these messages I seem to be better then a lot of these people; mine are only occassional but when they flair up sometimes..whow !!

No need for a doctor. What can they do ? It's been this long and I'm still alive. By the way, did your adhesions seem to get worse as time went on ? I know they can grow.

I run marathons; ultra marathons. The exercise helps a lot. Takes my mind off of them when I'm having these "spells". Quess that I can't be that sick if I can run 30+ miles. However, it's just the pain. And I have always wondered about the stress, the worry. I believe that one feeds on the other.

Sometimes it's that if I worry about them ( the adhesions ) a lot, they tend to get worse. Familiar ?

Take care. Any more info would help.

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> Hi! I'm sorry you're dealing with all if this. Your symptoms are right on
> with what I deal with. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to what causes
> the flare-ups to happen. From my experience, it can be stress, diet and
> strangely enough, atmospheric pressure changes from flying. Adhesions are
> very difficult to show up on tests. I was one of the "lucky ones" whose
> adhesions showed up during a colonoscopy. In spite of that, I've learned
> that many doctors really don't believe that they cause the problems that
> those of us who suffer from them know that they do. Understanding
adhesions > is very new in the medical profession. Please keep searching until you
find > a doctor who understands them. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot that can
be > done. More surgery produces more adhesions. Take it from someone who's
> tried. It really comes down to pain and nutrition management. Please let
us > know where you live. We can help offer some suggestions for doctors who do
> understand and can help I'm sorry you had to meet us this way!
> Kris

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