Uninsured Adhesion Sufferrer Kicked Out Of The Hospital!

From: angela (alegna2017@aol.com)
Thu Dec 24 15:25:02 2009

I have an ileus & feel like an impending obstruction.I was readmitted via the ER for abdominal pain,nausea,severe costipation, chills,sky high blood pressure & just feeling yucky.I was treated to correct electrolyte imbalance,giving enemas,laxatives,pain meds, CT scans,Obstructive series & EGD but nothing worked!After 9 days inpatient an Attending whom I have never seen nor ever examined by entered my room telling me that I was discharged.

I tried to explain my symptoms & my concerns of possible perforation, gangrene to intestines and that I was told that a colonoscopy was going to be done. The attending informed me nothing else will be done, that I will not be receiving surgery & that if I did not leave the premises I would be escorted out of the hospital by security & the local police department would be called!I aksed to speak with my personal physicians but was denied.Long story short I was kicked out of the hospital,escorted by security!I am so furious.

I was at a not for profit prestigious hospital,is this the care that sick uninsured Americans can look forward to.They had no care nor concern that I was still in pain,my HIPPA Privacy rights were violated and I am still sufferring with the same symptoms that I entered the hospital with.I need help & I need it now!It is obvious that this facility which I have had previous surgical procedures while insured has no knowledge how to truly care for their patients never less ones that suffer with adhesions!!!!!!!!!!

I need desperately to get to Florida to see Dr. Redan.Last year when I had insurance I was battling with my insurance company to approve the consultation to see Dr. Redan but I was denied & then my premiums increased from $643.71 to $740.00. I am out on medical disability(LTD)but not poor enough to qualify for medicaid or charity care!If anyone reads this & knows of any kind of medical/financial assistance out there please let me know.

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