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What kind of doctor did you see? I had my uterus removed in 1995. Adhesions started in 2002. I have pain that starts under my left ribcage and wraps around my back. I also have sharp pains shoot straight down my left leg too. I always have felt that the sharp stabbing, aching, wringing out feeling, abdominal cramps, doubling over pains are from adhesions along with the nausea. I also have IBS, it causes aching and cramping across my lower back, aches into my buns and into the backs of my legs, it also causes nausea. Don't be too hard on yourself. You could be adding another illness to your list. My Gastroenterologist is the one that has told me I have adhesions, IBS, and also Gastro paresis. I know what you mean about feeling so stupid and like no one understands. We have all been there a few times, especially with adhesions. I had this one Specialist that kept telling me I had a Hernia. He was soooo wrong. Make the appointment to see the gastro. Write a list of what goes on, and a list of questions for the gastro. It is amazing how everything is all connected and the problems they cause us. So be good to yourself Krystal. Feel better and good luck on your appointment, let us know how it all goes. Cheryl D.

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I went to the doctor today for pain in my back which radiates thru my legs.  Also, been having abdominal cramps along with nausea.  I have had a history of endometriosis along with severe adhesions.  The last survery I had was in 2005 for adhesions.  I have my ovaries but my uterus was removed about 7 years ago.  The doctor today really confused me - he told me to go see a gastronologist and see if I am having problems with bowels because it is very unusual to see the leg/back pain with no uterus? I have been having no problems with my bowels to my knowledge..  I have never heard of that.  I felt so stupid for going in for the visit - I just wanted to cry.  Feel like no one understands! Just curious if anyone has had a hysterectomy and still experienced the bag and leg pain due to adhesions/endo...

Thank you

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