From: krystal (
Sat Dec 12 17:10:22 2009

I went to the doctor today for pain in my back which radiates thru my legs. Also, been having abdominal cramps along with nausea. I have had a history of endometriosis along with severe adhesions. The last survery I had was in 2005 for adhesions. I have my ovaries but my uterus was removed about 7 years ago. The doctor today really confused me - he told me to go see a gastronologist and see if I am having problems with bowels because it is very unusual to see the leg/back pain with no uterus? I have been having no problems with my bowels to my knowledge.. I have never heard of that. I felt so stupid for going in for the visit - I just wanted to cry. Feel like no one understands! Just curious if anyone has had a hysterectomy and still experienced the bag and leg pain due to adhesions/endo...

Thank you

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