Can adhesions damage the liver ?

From: Christine Petrie (
Wed Nov 18 17:04:17 2009

Hi all,

I am recovering well from my surgery but I have had a small set back. My surgeon phoned me yesterday and told me that my liver fuction tests are abnormal.

I had tests while I was in hospital and they too were abnormal and the plan was to have a repeat of these tests after two weeks. With both tests abnormal he wants to repeat them again in 2 weeks. He seems to think that I have had some kind of reaction to the anasethic drugs.

My GGT was 542 and my AlT was 120 and the other enzymes were also raised but I am not sure of the extent.

I have been reading about raised GGT as I have had this before and it can be caused by bile duct injury . I do not drink much alcohol. I had my Gallbladder removed six years ago. Could the reading be because I have adhesions in and around the Liver ? Has anyone else had this type of problem?

Thanks for listening

Kind Regards Christine

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