Aching from adhesions?

From: Cheryl (
Wed Nov 18 17:03:46 2009

Has anyone ever dealt with aching from adhesions? I deal with light aching off and on, along with the stabbing and feeling like I am being twisted and wrung out. This feels awful! It is a real deep aching on my left side as always. It starts under my ribs on my back, wraps around to my side, and to the front from under my ribs to my left hip, pelvic bone to my belly button. It just feels awful, then periodically the knife is stabbing me and sharp pains shooting up into my vaginal area. It has really gotten to me today. Do any of you deal with this deep intense aching? I feel like such a whiney baby. This is a new symptom for me as is the abdominal swelling from adhesions, not gastroparesis. I just feel like, now what? Great more symptoms! Time to lay down with my best friend the heating pad. I HATE this. I guess I am just feeling sorry for myself today. I feel that people that deal with ARD have that right. Thanks for listening to me vent, it just really has me today and I just can't deal. Take care everyone. Cheryl D.

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