lysis of adhesions

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I just had a follow up lap with dr redan and the adhesions are gone! Hopefully forever. I was part of the clinical trial for spray shield. He is wonderful! Hope all gets well with you!

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I have had a couple of laprascopic surgeries but it all goes back to full cutting too.

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Wendy, I had one surgery where they tried to do a Lap but he couldn't get in and had to do a big cut.  I have had two Laprascopic surgeries since.


  ________________________________________ Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2009 01:38:50 -0600 ________________________________________ From: To: Subject: Re: lysis of adhesions (was Dr. Redan) I have had more adhesion surgeries than I can count and all but the last three have been open operations.  I now see a surgeon who cleans them out with the scope only.  I can't say that I think he gets them all using the scope and I'm going back in 2 weeks because my gastro said my stomach problems are from the adhesions.  I think he's hasn't been cleaning me out, but rather, weeding out on parts at a time.  I'm not quite sold on laparoscopy.  Never have gotten long term results.  Last one was in May and I'm sure I'll be having another soon.  Now I just have to make sure he tries to get them all this time.

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