Finally had to have surgery

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Hang in there Christine - you will feel better soon. i am with you about the adhesion pain, have it on a daily basis, the worst is when your stomach bloats up and you feel that pressure feeling like your stomach is going to blow up.  the pain is horrific with that. i just went to hospital with blockage, the doctor did not want to touch me, he put the ng tube in to clear the blockage and sent me home with the "reason for blockage" still there.  Therefore, I am still in a tremendous amount of pain.  I have found that if I go home and use the heating pad on my stomach, it relaxes the adhesions for some reason, that really helps to settle things down.   I am sure you will find that you will be feeling so much better in the next couple weeks. Hang in there the surgery does help - at least that is what i have found...

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After many years of having bowel obstructions and pain I have given in and had surgery for my adhesions. This was not an operation I took lightly , but the final straw came about 2 weeks ago when I had a really nasty and painful obstruction.I had been having obstructions at 2 week intervals . It cleared with Gastrographin. I dont know if any of you have heard of it but it is used in New Zealand hospitals as the first hospital treatment to clear obstructions. It is a contrast dye so when an xray is taken it shows the small bowel clearly and can show very clearly any obstruction and it also clears the bowel. I had the surgery a few days later . I have had a full cut down my stomach and had 30staples. The surgeon said that 10per cent of my small bowel was adhered to the pelvic wall and there were loops also. I am hoping that this op will keep things at bay for a while. I know that this is not a cure but even if I get some relief I will be happy. Right now I am in quite a bit of pain and feeling sorry for myself and I hope this will soon pass, I wonder wheather it will. I am on Tramadol and it makes me want to sleep all the time and I hate that.

I really appreciate this site as we all understand what it is like to suffer with adhesions. Thanks for reading Christine

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