another point removing adhesions while pregnant

From: Genyfer Spark (
Mon Oct 12 19:59:46 2009

I remember reading a story of a woman who went to Dr. K in Germany maybe the adhesion board can locate it. She was pregnant when he performed the removal of adhesions. Dr. K is also a gyno. He can do this because he uses lift versus CO2. When pregnant you can't be exposed to CO2 according to the case I read. Dr. K found a massive blockage in her intestine and removed it along with the adhesions while her baby was in her uterus. The message said, they have a healthy child now and she has been adhesion free since her procedure with Dr.K. Therefore there is hope even when pregnant.

At Fri, 9 Oct 2009, Kimberly wrote: >
>I had a laparoscopy for "endometriosis" in August 2008. I woke up from
>the surgery in excruciating pain and with constant gas. Weeks went by
>and the constant gas did not stop. You could hear it in my belly like a
>fish tank. The gas actually liquified. Its the worst pain I could ever
>have imagined. When I went back to the doctor he told me that I would
>never be satisfied and that he fixed me. I ended up having adhysolysis
>in January 2009 but the gas pain persisted and moving my bowels began
>becoming even more difficult. I have been hospitalized for pain atleast
>15 times since the first surgery which I developed c-diff from.
>I am 33 years old with a 3 year old daughter and a husband. The pain has
>been so debilitating that I have needed help with my daughter and now my
>whole family lives with my mom and dad so we can be together even though
>my husband works. We are paying a mortgage on a house we never live in
>because I can't raise my daughter alone in pain while my husband works.
>Recently, we went to a doctor to bring on my period since I never got it
>after the first surgery in 2008.
>Apparently the adhesions bound my uterus to my bladder, my intestines to
>each other and my ovary to itself. At that doctor appointment we were
>shocked to learn that I am pregnant. When I ended up in the hospital for
>pain again, they put a lot of pressure on me to abort the baby and stopped
>my medication cold turkey.

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