I understand your pain

From: Genny (anonymous@gmail.com)
Mon Oct 12 19:59:10 2009

Hi Kimberely:

Reading your story was just like what I went through originally in discovering I had adhesions, so please understand you are not alone. Many people sadly have endured and endure similar circumstances when dealing with this horrible disease.

At 22 I was working my guts out and had done since I was 13 years old. I suffered extreme child abuse since I was born. The abuse was so bad I left home and lived on the streets eating leftovers at Mc Donalds, living in restrooms, laundry facilities at apartment buildings ect. People have no idea what I have gone through I am fortunate to have medical records to prove my case otherwise no one would believe me, it is that bad. Involving being locked in dark rooms, only to be visited to be given food at the age of two, thrown against brick walls at the age of three causing trauma epilepsy, chained to beds and belted till my flesh hanged like purple jelly and drugged, I still have the scares today. My mother literally tried to kill me many times. My story is so intense it is a miracle I survived at all. My story has been in Elle magazine and on CNBC. I was determined to become a success, to become the greatest I could even when living amongst young 13, 14 year old pregnant teens, youth suicide, murder and drug addicts in youth accommodations, where I would also be brutally raped of my virginity at 14. I attempted suicide when I was 14 when I had no one, no family, no friends as my mother was estranged from all her family therefore the abuse was never caught. I often read the newspaper to discover many I lived with in those accommodations are in jail for murder or committed suicide. I was able to put myself through school and eventually get accepted as the first in all my family, no one in any of the past 3 generations went to University. I worked 5 nights a week cleaning office buildings to get my education. It was during my third year of university I felt suddenly sick. Extreme pain in my abdomen, felt as if glass was in my intestines. I was vomiting everyday and could not eat. I went to the ER almost 200 times in my first year, I had all the tests and they found nothing. I would go to different ER's because I thought maybe someone will believe me, that I am in pain. While in the ER a doctor suggested I was mentally ill and recommended I take anti-psychotic drugs. I could not believe it. My gastro doctor said, I was anorexic and needed counseling. I was 5'7 and weighed 90 pounds. I said, I am anorexic because I can't eat because I am sick, I want to eat but can't I just vomit. I was at my ropes end and considered committing suicide, I prayed and I prayer for an answer a solution. I would often pray out and say Lord, I did go through all this in life, fight for my life and chose not to take the easy way out because I believed in my heart you had better things for me. God, I cannot bear this anymore, you say you will not give a man more than he can handle, and Lord this is more than I can handle, please Lord I am asking for your mercy. The next day after a long prayer the night before, I turned on the TV, it was Oprah. She was discussing endometriosis, the affects seemed similar in some ways to what I was feeling, so I went to my regular doctor and said, I want to be checked for it. It was during the procedure my surgeon found adhesions he said, he had never seen such a case before, my large intestine was literally pulled all the way up to my right lung in an S shape. This occurred from the scare tissue from having my appendix removed when I was 12. No test or x-rays even showed this. When I woke up after the surgery I knew a miracle had occurred I felt so good I left in two hours after my surgery. I felt so good I clearly remember it to this day. Since then I relocated to the USA and my adhesions came back, I had surgery on August 19, where he found a sheet of adhesions over my large intestine attached to abdomen wall. He said, he removed them and placed serafilm in there. However, I felt worse. In September I did a ton of research on procedures, as I wondered why I felt so good after my procedure in Australia and not this one in the USA. I compared my medical reports and there was a big difference compared to the European method which Australia follows and the USA method. In Australia my surgeon performed lift lap versus CO2 gas pumping my stomach up. Also my doctor in Australia used ringers a solution left in your abdomen after surgery and removed all the scare adhesion tissue and clots. The surgeon here just cut and placed in serafilm. I am feeling better now especially the last two weeks, but know adhesion pain can come and go and when it comes back it can hit you like a lightening bolt. I am not taking the risk of being sick as I am weeks away from a high tech company launch I founded. I already scheduled a surgery with Dr. K in Hannover, Germany to take place on October 19. Just over a week away. He will remove what was left in me and place spray gel. I am too ambitious with too many people to help and inspire during my life to be sick. Also I cannot tolerate being in bed all day or being inactive I would rather be dead. My brain and body is just to active and it's like my life is being sucked out of me not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I will tell you one of the most craziest facts I just don't understand, many go to Germany due to the use and application of spray gel. Did you know that this is made and invented by the USA and was purchased by Tyco a USA public company and yet it is not available in the USA, what is up with that?

In any case, I say do whatever it takes to get well! If that means taking a trip or spending the money, max out credit cards if you have too. I know you have a mortgage, I have a mortgage too. But I can tell you, the house and all I own can be taken if it has too for the sack of my health. As my health is my life, with life whatever we have made in the past we can make again. So never be afraid of loss. Whatever was lost was made, and if you made it once you can make it again, but only if you have your health. Don't let the insensitive doctors get to you, what you are feeling is real as all on this site can testify too. You are a strong woman and you can deal with this and you will. Just don't let anyone bring you down and take the little strength you have as you need it more than ever during this time. The most important thing now is not too worry about the things you can't change, but do whatever it is to get better so you can be victorious!

My prayers are with you! May God ease your pain and make you victorious.

At Fri, 9 Oct 2009, Kimberly wrote: >
>I had a laparoscopy for "endometriosis" in August 2008. I woke up from
>the surgery in excruciating pain and with constant gas. Weeks went by
>and the constant gas did not stop. You could hear it in my belly like a
>fish tank. The gas actually liquified. Its the worst pain I could ever
>have imagined. When I went back to the doctor he told me that I would
>never be satisfied and that he fixed me. I ended up having adhysolysis
>in January 2009 but the gas pain persisted and moving my bowels began
>becoming even more difficult. I have been hospitalized for pain atleast
>15 times since the first surgery which I developed c-diff from.
>I am 33 years old with a 3 year old daughter and a husband. The pain has
>been so debilitating that I have needed help with my daughter and now my
>whole family lives with my mom and dad so we can be together even though
>my husband works. We are paying a mortgage on a house we never live in
>because I can't raise my daughter alone in pain while my husband works.
>Recently, we went to a doctor to bring on my period since I never got it
>after the first surgery in 2008.
>Apparently the adhesions bound my uterus to my bladder, my intestines to
>each other and my ovary to itself. At that doctor appointment we were
>shocked to learn that I am pregnant. When I ended up in the hospital for
>pain again, they put a lot of pressure on me to abort the baby and stopped
>my medication cold turkey. I denied the abortion because I just couldn't
>live with myself if I did it. When I got home from the hospital, I made a
>terrible decision and tried to medicate myself. It was hard to go from
>xanax and dilaudid to tylenol so I took 14 benedryl to sleep. I had not
>slept in over a week. What I didn't know was that it wouldn't put me to
>sleep but would make my heart race and I would hallucinate. I reported
>myself to 911. No one was home at the time. When I got to the hospital I
>was reported to DYFS for endangering a fetus and being a danger to my 3
year >old.

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