New here, long rant

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Hi Kim, I am so heartbroken to hear your story from adhesions. On top of Children having adhesions, your story is next in line. I can identify with you in so many areas. I have never blacked out in pain and to be at that point must be exasperating. I writhe in pain and roll all over my bed, and the floor. My sons are grown and I am blessed there. They still see me go through it all along with my Husband and it really upsets them. Is there another Hospital you can go to? Another Doctor that you can see? Even Gyn/OB's help with adhesions., as do Gastro's. What if everyone that frequents this site and wouldn't mind, would write letters of their own experiences with adhesions. Even my SSD paperwork states adhesions on it. What about the Book Karen Steward wrote about adhesions " Doctors Bound By Secrecy, Patients Bound By Pain" I hope that I didn't turn around the title of her book. She also has so much knowledge. Her book would even be something to show the court? Even the opening to this website that David Wiseman wrote about adhesions and how they affect women, well, and men too. When I was first diagnosed, I copied the letter and took it into my family doc. What about statements from reputeable doctors that do adhesion surgeries, and are supportive of adhesion patients? What Hospital allows the Nurses to SCREAM and LAUGH at patients? I also had a Surgery back in 2002 for Diverticulosis and had 12" of my bowel removed. Since then my life has never been the same. A few weeks ago I was so frustrated with my pain I was literally out of control and my pain was worse than ever. I just wanted to take a handful of meds and not wake up. Not wanting to literally kill myself, just wanting to be knocked out completely while that horrible episode was going on. My Counselor suggested we set up a plan for when the episodes are out of control, and she has also taught me breathing relaxation technics. You must also get the support you need from your doctors. My Doctor has changed my meds a bit. I have been on the same meds since 2003. I now take 20 mg. methadone Am and PM, then I also take 10 mg of straight percocet/no acetominiphine, and 1- 5/325 mg. tab of percocet w/ acetominephine when I take those. The people that are calling you a Liar apparently have not walked in your shoes, nor gone through your living hell. As rough as it is congrats on baby on the way. In some places they are doing adhesion surgery after a C-Section Delivery. I am thinking it is under not sure. If nothing else just enter clinical trials for adhesions and see what comes up. There is much more info than there was a few years ago. It is because of cases like yours that media attention needs to bring attention to adhesions. Just to find someone that will stick their neck out to help. A few of us wrote to Oprah I never got a response, they probably didn't either. You have a horrible illness that has taken its toll on you, and drained you. I'm sure you are as pretty as you ever were, its just that as women we are very critical of our own looks. I am not up to knowing what Senators can do for us, but maybe contact yours and tell him your story that attention needs to be brought to what you are going through. You are very ill, not crazy! God Bless you and your family, and take care, Cheryl D.   > Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 22:53:21 -0500
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> Subject: New here, long rant
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> Subject: New here, long rant
> I had a laparoscopy for "endometriosis" in August 2008. I woke up from
> the surgery in excruciating pain and with constant gas. Weeks went by
> and the constant gas did not stop. You could hear it in my belly like a
> fish tank. The gas actually liquified. Its the worst pain I could ever
> have imagined. When I went back to the doctor he told me that I would
> never be satisfied and that he fixed me. I ended up having adhysolysis
> in January 2009 but the gas pain persisted and moving my bowels began
> becoming even more difficult. I have been hospitalized for pain atleast
> 15 times since the first surgery which I developed c-diff from.
> I am 33 years old with a 3 year old daughter and a husband. The pain has
> been so debilitating that I have needed help with my daughter and now my
> whole family lives with my mom and dad so we can be together even though
> my husband works. We are paying a mortgage on a house we never live in
> because I can't raise my daughter alone in pain while my husband works.
> Recently, we went to a doctor to bring on my period since I never got it
> after the first surgery in 2008.
> Apparently the adhesions bound my uterus to my bladder, my intestines to
> each other and my ovary to itself. At that doctor appointment we were
> shocked to learn that I am pregnant. When I ended up in the hospital for
> pain again, they put a lot of pressure on me to abort the baby and stopped
> my medication cold turkey. I denied the abortion because I just couldn't
> live with myself if I did it. When I got home from the hospital, I made a
> terrible decision and tried to medicate myself. It was hard to go from
> xanax and dilaudid to tylenol so I took 14 benedryl to sleep. I had not
> slept in over a week. What I didn't know was that it wouldn't put me to
> sleep but would make my heart race and I would hallucinate. I reported
> myself to 911. No one was home at the time. When I got to the hospital I
> was reported to DYFS for endangering a fetus and being a danger to my 3
year > old.

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