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Mon Oct 12 19:50:08 2009

At one time and for many years I was on 160 mg's of Oxycontin, three times per day along with 8 mg's of Dilaudid every 4 hours. I built up to this amount gradually over several years each time following a disappointing result with a pain mgt center. It helped with the pain but I was a zombie all day !

I was switched to 120 mg's MS Contin (morphine sulfate) three times per day while still taking the Dilaudid. Because the morphine doesn't help much I decided I would rather attempt to deal with the pain and get off of the meds.

I am off of the Dilaudid entirely and down to 30 to 15 mg's of morphine depending upon how bad the pain is. The pain is terrible but after dealing with this since 1994 I would rather be more alert and in pain.

The one thing that helps to take the edge off is TENS. It's not a cure, it only takes the edge off the pain, but it helps to a certain degree and it IS NOT A NARCOTIC !!

Unfortunately there just isn't an answer for most of us. Very few have had successful results from surgery to lyse the adhesions but most have not.

Some days it get's the best of you, other days you get the best of it.

At Thu, 8 Oct 2009, wrote: >
>Has anyone tried marinol for pain. It has been working for me. What is
>the difference between a Marijuana pill or morphine? We sometimes have to
>think outside the box.
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> writes:
>hi - i too have the adhesion problem, i too am taking morphine and same
>hydrocodone, my dr increased my morphine to 100mg two times daily, it
doesnt >help either the only thing it does is put me to sleep. i have talked to my
>dr about this too and he told me that he could give me medicine to keep me
>awake, i told him that i didnt want more meds i wanted relief. i am
>currently trying to get into see a new doctor that i heard about from this
website >in florida, he is in celebration florida. if i get any new answers i will
>let you know. where are you living now. all i can say is when i moved to
>florida the pm dr that i found just continued with what the old pm dr was
>giving me. if you tell the new pm dr what you are going through maybe he
can >give you something different some people do the morpine patch which they
>say works well.
>hope you get some help soon...
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>Time Release Morphine
> Hi,
> I am currently taking 15 mg of Morphine Sulphate three times a day.
> Along with this I am allowed 4 10/325 mg of hydrocodone. I don't know
> if it's just me but the morphine isn't touching my pain. Has anyone
> else run into this? When I talked to my PM doctor he wants me to try
> sticking to this. He didn't seem to mind that I have a mass in my belly
> and have been throwing up almost daily. We recently moved to a
> different state so I am leaving him. The bad part of all of this is
> that now I have to find a new group of doctors, quick.
> Hope everyone is doing well.
> Alta

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