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I juice vegetables and fruits. Martha Stewart has a good juicer. She said it was the best she could find. She used it on one of her shows the last week. It separates seeds. After I pulverize the juice, I pour some of the pump in the juice. I separate each of the juices in glass jars (no plastic).

I have a Champion Juicer (commercial grade) but mine doesn't separate the seeds and doesn't have a tank that catches the juice. I'd like to have one like Martha Stewart.

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> I can't eat alot of fiber. It really causes alot of problems. I love salad
> and vegetables but it is hard to digest and move.
> Kelly
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>> That's a question only a doctor can answer. Certainly when we take pain
>> meds, we absolutely must eat lots of fiber (I eat prunes a lot as well as
>> other high fiber things). If you don't eat right, one must use Miralax or
>> something to keep themself regular. In the past, I've been to the ER
>> twice
>> thinking I may have a bowel blockage only to find out I was impacted.

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