Re: right side pelvic/flank pain

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Thu Sep 17 21:06:52 2009

I've found surgery to remove adhesions didn't work for me; however, there are some who say it did. My experience has been they return regardless of whether the surgery is done laparoscopic or open, the adhesions return. Dr.

Redan said this on his website at Celebration Hospital in Celebration (Orlando), FL. He's performed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of laparoscopic

adhesiolysis and practiced with Dr. Reich for years. He's an excellent General Surgeon and a compassionate doctor. If only there was something with close to 100 percent success rate, that could be used to keep adhesions

from returning.

I've had massage therapy to stretch and loosen adhesions. Massage Therapist, Mr. Edsel Bittencourt at the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL worked

on me for about a year. It seems to have loosened the areas but I'm still hurting. One could probably benefit from doing stretches/Yoga.

I'm not sure I could agree with your doctor's statement the "more it hurt the better it will do for me, jumping up and down, high impact excersie and get on antidepresents that would decrease my pain." I don't know about you but I'm not able to do these kind of exercises. Water (Aqua) exercise is the best. I've never found that antidepressants help decrease my pain but it may help others. Anything is worth trying to see if it helps reduce pain

and make you feel better.

Good luck and God Bless.

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> I just returned home from a surgical consult. Basically the MD said no
> to surgery to remove adhesions as this would likely cause more
> adhesions..unless it got REALLY he told me to lose weight,
> take ibuprofen,excersise as this would streatch out the adhesions the
> more it hurt the better it will do for me,jumping up and down, high
> impact excersie and get on antidepresents that would decrease my
> pain...and all will be this the normal response... is
> he right? Anyone heard of this as a treatment?

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