Re: Fentanyl patch

From: linda (
Thu Sep 17 21:05:46 2009

The stuff I asked the pharmacist about was a large, clear adhesive that didn't allow air flow. I wanted to be able to go swimming without the patch

coming off. Taping the edges is the only way to keep it on for the 72 hours. Oftentimes we don't know doing certain things or taking certain combinations of meds can harm/kill us. I believe at one can put all their medications into a chart and it tells interactions. Sometimes

Pharmacists' know more about drug interactions than Doctors.

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> Thank you for your concern.......I don't cover the patch itself. Just
> tape down the edges. The pharmisist helped me with it. My husband put this
> last patch on my back and it has stayed very well.
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> Caution! Applying anything over the Fentanyl Patch can be dangerous!. It
>>can become overheated and too much medication can go into one's system.
>>Check with your pharmacist before placing anything over it.

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