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From: linda (
Tue Sep 15 19:53:03 2009

Hi Sue,

I live in Jacksonville, about you?

It's hard to find a compassionate pain specialist so if you live near me know a good one, please let me know.

I've lived with painful adhesions since surgeries in 1993. I was unable to maintain a full-time job so I had to retire early. Pain medications cause constipation and it is very important to eat foods that keep you regulated. I eat a lot of fresh greens like broccolli, collard greens, etc. Drinking prune juice helps. I take natural vegetable laxatives like Ducolax or Fleet

(same ingredients), bowel softener pills. Sometimes a coffee enema (directions online) is necessary. I believe in Colonics which cleanses the colon. Good luck.

Linda in Jax, FL

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> Sender: (sue) > Subject: adhesion > > I cant tell you how glad i am to find this site, i have had adhesion > problems for over 15 years, i have had multiple surgeries due to > adhesions. I am at the point that my surgeon does not want to do any > kind of surgery on me unless it is a emergency, which is ok with me i > really dont want anymore surgeries. The problem is that i live in > constant pain, i see a pain management specialist but all that does is > make me sleepy and slow down my bowels. I need to know if there is > something out there that is non narcotic that i can take that will help > with the daily pain i go through. My surgeon tells me that cutting into > my stomach is like trying to cut through a brick with tissue paper. > Nice....I am so exhausted by having this daily pain. I was recently in > the er with a blockage that passed but I am so scared that anymore > surgeries i may not make it through. Does anyone have any additional > information as to what else i can do....I really need advice - My daily > routine is go to work, come home and use the heating pad on my stomach, > which by the way, does relax the adhesions for a while. But i know that > there is more to life than this and I really would like some advice. > > Can anyone steer me towards some help??? > Thanks > > -- > Sue in florida

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