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Mon Sep 14 19:18:31 2009

Thank you Linda for your help next appointment i will talk to the dr.


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A tens unit helps pain; a whirlpool bath helps, heat and/or cold helps and a

swimming pool. Be careful not to put heating pads over medication or can kill you. I became immune to Morphine after awhile so you may have to switch to percocet, ultram or another pain med. My pain specialists have switched me to so many different meds over the years but whatever helps control the pain, use it. A quality life is what we all want

and need. Take care and God Bless.

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> Hi,
> I want to thank all of you for your support, advice and humor in
> response to my recent post. Hubby and I have talked things out and
> things are better. He has a hard time talking to me about all of this.
> He has watched me turn from the active person I once was to one that is
> not very active. He has also sat with me in the emergency room while I
> am in pain, not being believed by doctors until they see my records.
> Anyway, thank you.
> I am enjoying reading some of the recent posts. I have been having the
> pain in my thighs, mainly the front. My pain doc thinks it is related
> to the adhesion related. I am glad to know I am not the only one. Now
> I read about vaginal pressure. I don't have that exactly but I do have
> what I term pelvic congestion. I don't have any female parts left since
> they have all been removed but I feel congested where my uterus should
> be. No, it's not constipation. (I take Miralax for that.) I also have
> constant pain on mainly my left side. I also still get cysts and have
> had my ovary regenerate.
> Reading about the abdominal swelling was also a huge one. I have had
> this for two years. Doctors told me

that I was just getting fat or it > was in my head. For me this feels like when I hyper stimulated while
> going through IVF. I want to get my hormone levels checked because I
> wonder if they are related.
> Right now I am taking 15mg of morphine 3 times a day and 10/325 of
> hydrocodone for breakthrough (only allowed 4 a day). Some days this is
> fine but most it isn't. I just started working with this doctor a few
> months ago so we are getting into the groove of things. Bad thing is we
> moved 500 mile away so I have to find a new team of doctors at our new
> location because I cannot drive down to see him too much longer.
> Thank you all for keeping me sane during these insane times. You don't
> know how much it means to me to know you are all a type and click away.
> Stay strong, keep a sense of humor and don't let this overtake you.
> Alta

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