Re: OK, Why am I such a whimp?? extra questions.

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Fri Sep 11 19:40:31 2009

Yes, but do not cover it with any type of bandage. I wanted some of the clear, waterproof adhesive bandages to cover the fentanyl patch. I spoke to

a pharmacist who told me it would cause too much pain medication to get into

one's system and a person could die. I guess it got too overheated covered.

Just make sure the area is dry and press firmly for at least 30 seconds. I found that I became immune to each dose and it finally didn't help me. As long as it works and helps the pain, by all means take advantage of the relief.

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> I have been so bad lately, that I have decided since I am going back to
> Utah in two weeks to visit my mother, I'll see Dr Sharp and get his
> opinion for the other two Doctors.
> Anyone experience a pain and the sensation for tingling? It goes down my
> leg.
> So my symptoms are burning pain in low left abdominal. Vaginal
> pressure, like I am trying to push something out..........or something
> wants to come out. And now this tingliy. I know it's nerve damange. I
> just need someone to talk to who is like me...........
> I'd like imput so I can take info to Dr Sharp.
> Thanks so much.......
> BTW, I am going back on a fentonyol patch. Anyone besides me have a
> hard time with them staying on your body?
> At Tue, 8 Sep 2009, linda wrote:
>>35% success rate is not good but the procedure sounds logical. Dr. Cook,
>>LA, California, does a procedure that sounds promising.
>>It's my understanding that Dr. Reich is the pioneer of laparascopic
> surgery?
>>He's written articles on laparascopic surgery. I've had the surgery
>>The first time was with Dr. Reich, Dr. Redan and ? in Scranton, PA. The
>>second time Dr. Redan did it at Celebration Hospital in Orlando.but the
>>adhesions just returned.

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