Inside Medicine: The reasons why adhesions are not taken seriously

From: Genyfer Spark (
Tue Sep 8 19:19:41 2009

[moderator's note: Although we would like to see the original source of the statistics quoted here, and although we do not necessarily agree with all of the opinions expressed in this message, this contributor nonetheless raises a number of interesting points, and we have therefore included the message as submitted]

Women do get adhesions a lot more than men: greater than 80%. Adhesions predominately occur in the abdomen. Women have a lot more going on in there then men due to being reproductive. Therefore, more things can go wrong and do. The fact that adhesions are not taken seriously by the medical industry is based on numbers, there is not enough of a demand for the medical world to be researching and funding new cures. Adhesions that become a problem occur 7% out of all abdominal surgeries. Then that is less than say 7 out of a 100 because less than 20% of the population has abdominal surgery, thus the number that is affected is like 1.5- 2% or even less. This is an issue of money and profit. The illnesses and diseases that are the most popular get the most funding and investment due to the amount that can be returned on investment, therefore it is not profitable enough as not a big enough number is affected to make money. The USA is very capitalistic and always makes decisions based on the bottom line, that's why the European countries such as France, Germany are much more proactive at dealing with adhesions as it is socialized medicine and funding is not based so much on profit but on the common good. Let me demonstrate a perfect example: Farrah Fawcett who recently passed had and died of anal cancer which affects less than 1% of society, I recommend anyone to watch her documentary. There is no cure for anal cancer or treatments such as there is for the popular cancers such as breast cancer which they say 1 out of 8 women will be affected by. Farrah went to Germany for treatment as they were the only ones that had placed additional funding into her rare cancer and no one in the USA would give her the answers or had any treatments. This is the sadness for us who suffer as we are just not a great enough number to be concerned about. However, with adhesions I have a prediction that the amount of money and funding will increase in the next 10 years. Why? Because adhesions are caused by abdominal surgery and abdominal surgery has sky rocketed. Did you know that the WHO stated it is unethical for any country to exceed c-sections by 10%, the USA as of today represents 30% of all births being C-section. Another factor is 1 out of 2500 c-sections the mother or child dies, in vagina birth this is 1 out of 10,000. The cost of vagina birth is 10,000 and C-section is 25,000. Now of all these women getting c-sections the number of adhesion incidence is greatly going to occur, doctors don't tell you the risk of developing adhesions let alone the risk of death being four times greater than by natural delivery. Thus unfortunately with a huge increase of many suffering from the horrible disease of adhesions, the medical industry is faced with a huge dilemma affecting a large amount of women. It was looking through the messages on I did my research on C-sections due to seeing so many adhesion sufferers who had a c-section. As stated above, it now makes sense to me. Like I previously stated we are our greatest advocate, it is crazy how doctors will tell you all the risks of surgery in removing adhesions and try to talk you out of it and yet no doctor really tries to talk a woman out of c-section but often promotes it, and yet it is a full abdominal surgery with many risks. So risky that in the old days it was only performed if the mother or child were close to death, as the cutting caused death. This tells me that doctors love to see that check of 25,000 minimum especially when elective c-section is not usually covered by insurance. Adhesions runs at a cost rather than a profit for them. You know what the most craziest fact of all is, the cost for the socialized medical system in Germany and France costs approximately 6000 per capita person. The USA is almost 13,000 more than twice as much yet it doesn't even have socialized medicine. This tells me prevention is very cost effective. If only the American government could see this and practice what has worked for years in other countries at a much more cost affective system and health for all.

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