Re: adhesions - request for Dr. referral (MI)

From: linda (
Tue Sep 8 19:12:12 2009

Has anyone been to the Cleveland Clinic for help with adhesions?

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> Thank you sooo much !! I have an appointment in St.Clare Shores in Oct.
> but U of M is so much closer to home for me. I am going to call
> tomorrow for an appointment. I wish you all the best at least you have
> a Dr. know one wants to touch me. Now thanks to you maybe I can have
> one to. I stopped driving because of the way my stomach swells up & the
> way it hurts when I ride in a car so , my daughters drive me. I have
> wonderful daughters! I live in the Flint area so U of M is closer. My
> thoughts & prayers are with you Sindy
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>>Dr. Dodds out of Providence Hospital (Farmington Hills) and Dr. Advincula
>>out of U of M Hospital (Ann Arbor) have been my life savers. I had my 14th
>>or 15th surgery last Friday at U of M. Previously, I was dealing with
>>adenomyosis, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, etc. which only lead to Severe
>>Pelvic Adhesive Disease. Both Dr. Dodds and Dr. Advincula specialize in
>>pelvic disorders. Unfortunately, Dr. Advincula is leaving U of M Hospital
>>and going to a facility in Florida. But, his staff who will be taking over
>>for him at U of M is equally compassionate and understanding of this
>>I have been referred from physician to physician, G.I's, endoscopies,
>>colonoscopies, pain management, holistic, etc.....but, it always comes
>>to the same thing. Either Dr. Dodds or Dr. Advincula does agree to a look
>>inside, and they always find severe pelvic adhesions (even after
> application
>>of SepraFilm less than 2 years ago)...primarily bowel and intestinal
>>obstructions. (I was vomitting at least 5 times daily....again).
>>Please consider both these referrals...I have seen many doctors and been
>>many hospitals over the years....both of these physicians truly saved my
>>life...physically, emotionally and psychologically.

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>>Subject: adhesions - request for Dr. referral (MI)
>>From: (sindy)
>>Subject: adhesions
>>Hello I live in Michigan & I need help !
>>20 years ago I had some adhesions removed & now they are back and they
>>are causing all kinds of problems! I have been out of work since Feb. I
>>have seen so many Dr's it is not funny & they have ran so many tests I
>>can't count them. Two Dr's have said they are adhesions but we can't
>>help you. Is there anyone who knows of someone who can? Thank you

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