Fed up with Doctors

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Hi Debbie, One question for you, have they ever tested you for "Gastroparesis"? If I eat something that has fat, fiber, or is rich as in sauces, it slows down my digestion tract. The last time I swelled up huge like 6 months pregnant, thank goodness I only had a hair cut that day. I couldn't even fasten my pants, sooooo, I wrapped a sweater around my waist and went in. Cathy my beautician just said WHAT is going on with you? That is horrible. The test for Gastroparesis consists of eating either tuna or egg salad laced with radioactive seasonings, next you eat peaches in heavy syrup, and lastly drink a full glass of whole milk. You stand up in front a screen periodically, and pics are taken of your abdomen digesting the food as it goes down, then when the results come in, they tell you where your scoring is and whether or not you will need meds for it. Which are Reglan ( metrocloprimide) and Promethazine ( Phenergran ?) for nausea. I also deal with swelling periodically from adhesions, but not nearly as bad as Gastroparesis. Hang in there, and do fill us in on the results from the lidocain infusions. Take care, Cheryl   > Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 18:11:04 -0500
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> Hi To ALL, I am sorry I haven't posted in a while I have to report that I
> mentioned lido cane infusions my first 1 didn't produce any results my
> second one did however it was short lived four days of relief in my
groin.? > I pray I can get more relief from the next one, I was able to stand up and
> walk around all 4 days with out ice and without crying! Because I was able
> to move around so much it benefited my ability to have a bowel movement,
and > all of us that have trouble moving are bowels Know how important that is.I
> have been nauseous for over a month and that scares me, because also with
> that I am swelling up my belly is distended like always and I am gaining
> weight. I really didn't want to go to the ER but at the request of my pain
> management Doctor i did. I waited 9 hours to be seen and spent a total of
12 > hours at the ER. I was told to get a cat scan by my pm doctor at least,
well > the er doctor was just out of diapers so you can imagine how that went I
> agreed that it would most likely show nothing but I needed to follow my PM
> doctors wishes after a brief argument he gave in and said ( and I quote)
OK > we Will order the dam scan. this is what the scan found, a minimal air
> containing hernia at the umbilicus, a stable structure of unknown etiology
> at the region of the inguinal ligament. I have to say I have had several
> scans in the last three years and they could never pick up my other
hernias > or the tear I had in my small bowel, so I am still uncertain that there
> isn't more to the picture Like ADHESION'S, tears or more hernias!!! So
being > with out insurance I will never go to the ER again unless i am throwing up
> and am unable to have a bowel movement for several days! I know this
disease > is a battle but if we give in then it wins, and we all need to keep
fighting > we are all worth it and we need to never give up, because one day the
answer > will come, I am sure of that ! keep the FAITH all.

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