Re: Fed up with Doctors

From: Alta (
Mon Jul 20 16:28:25 2009

I understand everything you are going through. I have had the same problem with Doctors and Nurses. I tried reaching a doctor, leaving messages with his nurse for two weeks. I ran in to him at soccer and he asked how I was. I informed him that I had been trying to reach him, leaving messages with his nurse. He could not believe it and gave me his cell phone number and personal e-mail. I never had a problem after that but never abused it. Now I know this is the exception to the rule but I recommend talking to the doctor if possible.

I know what you mean about the "I don't know what is going on with you?" When they say that it seems like they should then say "But let me look into it". I think we all feel we have a cancer in our body but not many want to acknowledge it. We also don't want to be looked at drug addicts. We are only looking for comfort and understanding. Having pain that is close to labor pain is not fun and needs to be treated.

When I meet with a new doctor now I ask how they feel about adhesions. If he believes in them, then I ask how they will want to proceed with them. I look at it as trying to assemble a team. A group of doctors that will work together to help me.

I don't have a family doc right now because I cannot find one that wants to be part of my "team". I see a gyno, pain management doc and physical therapist. They seem to be doing a great job. I found the PM and PT through the gyno. I am keeping my mind open and trying things out before judging.

One thing I did find out after getting a dear John letter. She was dismissing me because she wasn't comfortable with my perscribing me pain meds. The problem with is was that she never perscribed pain meds to me (or get a call back). I wrote a letter back addressing this. The same day she received this she called me back saying how sorry she was and that it turned out her nurse was using my name to get pain meds.

We all understand the frustration. We are all here for each other. Take care, Alta

At Wed, 15 Jul 2009, Cheryl wrote: >
>I wrote last week about my Drs. office not returning my call when I
>called in last Wed. I was fortunate that my Gastro's office did. Now
>just waiting for results. My family Doc called me back yesterday
>A.M.(Mon.) Asked what was going on. I am sooo frustrated that he says,
>"You know we just don't know what's wrong with you" That discourages me
>so much and makes me feel like he thinks I am making all of this up and
>I am a liar. I am finally getting off the stick to find another family
>Doc. I want someone who believes in me, cares about me, my health and
>well being. With each episode my pain increases more and more, even my
>nausea his increased. I feel the only people that believe in me are my
>Husband, sons, friends (some of them) and some family. The only people
>that really see me go through an full blown episode understand. Then of
>course all of you on this website that write back and offer advice,
>kindness and caring we are all in the same boat. I do more and more
>understand the need to commit suicide, that really scares me. Just
>relief from pain would be heaven and I know many agree, just not the
>suicide part. It does cross my mind, but I wouldn't hurt my Husband and
>boys that way. I know that they need me. I like many of you just don't
>want to go there anymore. We are sick and tired of pain meds that don't
>touch our pain, doubling over, sharp stabbing pains, laying with the
>heating pad 24/7. missing engagements, heck missing life. I am not
>feeling sorry for myself today, just so frustrated. Thanks for
>listening to me go off. I am so emotional, nauseous, in pain, angry
>etc. When will someone be able to give us answers and help us besides
>in another country. The one gal that wrote about seeing a doc 10 years
>ago, and he took care of her adhesions, and now she is wanting to see
>him again, and he wants 10 grand up front? I think that I would report
>him. Here she is asking for help, and he is just taking advantage of
>her situation. That's just not right.
>Take care everyone. Cheryl D.

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