Re: I just found out out how bad my adhesions are

From: kim sanders (
Sat Jul 11 15:31:31 2009

At Tue, 15 Feb 2005, wrote: >
>Hi there,
>I suffer from adhesion really bad. Last year
>I had surgery to remove my adhesions, by a trauma
>specialist. I though I was doing the right thing!
>My first surgery on Sept. 9,2003 went pretty smoothly!
>But with in 24 hour I started running a fever, and
>became very ill, my left side hurt so bad and my abdomin
>was extended. my surgeon sent me down for x-rays and a
>barium x-ray, which was not fun at all, I then was on
> my way to surgery again as the found a hole in my
>intestines, all in all I spent 17 days in the hospital
>and almost lost my life! I did get seprafilm then,
>but it is well over a year now, and I am back to
>square one again.
>I can no longer eat I am back on ensure!
>Having another surgery, will by time and that is
>it! The more surgery the more adhesions that grow
>back! There is no cure for adhesions! There are
>only a handful of doctors that can help, none of
>which in the USA, and the few that are in the USA
>can not operate with just surgery alone the
>adhesion will come back.
>I really believe that the more sugeries , those
>adhesions come back 3 times worse! You might want
>to try pain management, I am currently in pain
>management and it helps!

Hey, Michelle I know how you feel, im 26 years old and have had two surgeries to remove adhesions. and i can feel them growing back. i see a lot of doctors, that know very little about adhesions. all that they want to do is give me pain killers and we all know that it is back for the long term. Ive had a total hysterectomy because of the adhesions. its fun every time i have adhesion removal surgery the doctor always feels so happy with him self, and tells me that the adhesions will not grow back. but they do, so i kept looking for a doctor that can really help me. and i see no end in sight to all of this. so good luck with all your surgeries, and maybe God will bless us all with a cure. thanks for your post, it helps to know that im not alone. God bless kim

kimberly sanders

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