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There are different opinions on here  on what is best. My suggestion is if you are going to have surgery, then you need to go to someone that specializes in Adesion surgery. This isn't a guarantee that they will not return. or you could go to a Pain Specialist.


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> Subject: frustrated
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> Subject: frustrated
> I have just found this web site and am interested that it if mainly
> focused on female patients. I have had two abdominal hernia surgeries
> over the past 18 months. I am now suffering from adhesions and dont
> want anyone else performing any surgery on my unless they can guarantee
> that I will be better after the surgery.
> I am currently having the typical pains associated with adhesions but
> now, in teh late afternoons, my whole body almost shuts down from the
> pain.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?

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