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Sat Jun 6 13:25:47 2009

Hello Donna,

Have you had the Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted in your hip? A Chiropractor once told me he believed the pain I have is in fact coming from

my back where all the nerve endings are located. If there are people on this site who have the Spinal Cord Stimulator and it is helpng with the pain, please, please, let me know!

So Donna, are you using Lyrical (sp?), Lyrica? If so, is it helping your nerve pain? I used it once and I didn't find that it helped but instead it gave me hot and cold feeling and I couldn't sleep. I'm using Neurontin but it makes me drowsy and doesn't help much anymore.


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> Hello Linda,
> You mention that 'My pain is in my abdomen' and I hope you don't
> let that interfere with options that, although they sound
> unreasonable could actually be the answer to your issue.
> I don't understand how the spinal pump implant works but I do know
> pain from the back can radiate anywhere. My abdominal pain
> (suffered with for over a decade!) has recently been found to come
> from my spine. The radiating pain goes from my back, down around
> bum, around crotch and then to the abdomen resulting in extreme
> pain that not one doctor even tried to fix with the "nerve pain
> medication"....I have been left to suffer with this unrelenting,
> debilitating pain when all they needed to do what write out a
> prescription. I still cry for the person I was when this
> easily the medical people could manipulate me into
> believing it was in my head.
> Thank you!!!!! To whoever it was that recommended I check out the
> doctor in LA. After reading the article she wrote and seeing how
> it made so much sense; I tried the "nerve pain killer"
> Lyrical........It's a miracle, an absolute life changing in an
> instant....and not for a minute brought on as a result of a doctor
> helping me directly.
> Regards,
> Donna
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> This is not the spinal cord stimulator but is a pump that actually
> pumps the medicine into the spinal area. It will be a Morphine
> pump.
> Kelly
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>> A nurse at a pain clinic told me there weren't many people who
> got
>> relief from the Spinal Cord Stimulator. My pain is in my
> abdomen. The
>> SCS is designed more for people with back pain. Let us know if
> it
>> helps because the doctor has wanted me to try it.

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