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What is FMLA? I'm not sure I understand your email. I retired because of severe abdominal pain caused by adhesions. I don't have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) so I couldn't claim to have it.

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> I'm asking this question on a few websites, hoping someone will shed
> some light on this topic.
> Like some of you, rather than finding doctors who will acknowledge the
> issue of adhesions, I was given the catch-all diagnosis of IBS by them.
> OK. Well, IBS does sound like a pretty chronic and painful condition-
> just like adhesions. The only difference is that doctors claim to not
> know what causes IBS, so therefore, there is no way for doctors to
> appreciate the degree of pain and dysfunction that may result. The
> latter part is true for adhesions, of course.
> When I have read posts on other sites by IBS patients, one issue that
> seems to come up is that doctors refuse to sign their FMLA papers. This
> has happened to me- they absolutely won't consider signing them. FMLA
> documentation's primary purpose is to protect the jobs of people with
> chronic conditions in the event of flare-ups or are otherwise
> incapacitated for work or need to be absent for frequent medical tests
> and doctor appointments.
> Has anyone else had this problem? For those of you whose doctors do
> acknowledge adhesions, have they been willing to sign FMLA papers? There
> are many people in my workplace who have things like back problems or
> migraines who have had access to this benefit for years.What constitutes
> a chronic condition and the right to job protection under this benefit?
> Some people would say keep looking for the right doctor.(I'm in my 25th
> year of looking) But then again, doing just that may require time off of
> work which at some point may prompt a need for FMLA documentation for
> your employer.

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