Post-Surgical Adhesions During Pregnancy

From: Gigi (
Tue Jun 2 21:17:45 2009

In Aug 2008, I had two surgeries in two weeks. The first was diagnostic laparoscopic. The second was an lap/open procedure two weeks later. It was a salpingo-oopherectomy to remove my right ovary and fallopian tube due to a large benign cyst. I had some recovery issues after the second surgery including a hematoma at the main incision site that required packing to heal the wound over the next month.

Right now, I am 22 weeks pregnant with my third child and am extreme pain 24/7. I am also suffering from severe exhaustion and a feel ill all the time. I did not experience any such symptoms during the first two pregnancies (just the normal pregnancy aches and tireness) and I delivered vaginally (no C-sections). My OB suspects that significant/severe post-surgical adhesions are the cause of the pain. This is based on evidence from an MRI 6 weeks ago and the fact that ultrasounds reveal that my uterus is pulled off-center (down and to one side). The pain is so bad, I am basically on best rest at this point. I take Tylenol around the clock and Darvocet at night.

My doctors agree that the situation isn't ideal, but they are not worried about pending harm to me or the baby. They are even hopeful that the adhesions may tear out on their own as my uterus grows. I am not as optimistic. Does anyone have experience with post-surgical adhesions causing severe pain during pregnancy? How bad did the pain get? Did the adhesions eventually tear out? If so, at what point in the pregnancy? What treatments and medications did you use to control the pain? Did you have any severe complications (bowel obstruction, etc) during pregnancy or post-partum?

Thanks! Gigi

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