From: jetstamp (
Mon Jun 1 12:47:31 2009

I'm asking this question on a few websites, hoping someone will shed some light on this topic.

Like some of you, rather than finding doctors who will acknowledge the issue of adhesions, I was given the catch-all diagnosis of IBS by them. OK. Well, IBS does sound like a pretty chronic and painful condition- just like adhesions. The only difference is that doctors claim to not know what causes IBS, so therefore, there is no way for doctors to appreciate the degree of pain and dysfunction that may result. The latter part is true for adhesions, of course.

When I have read posts on other sites by IBS patients, one issue that seems to come up is that doctors refuse to sign their FMLA papers. This has happened to me- they absolutely won't consider signing them. FMLA documentation's primary purpose is to protect the jobs of people with chronic conditions in the event of flare-ups or are otherwise incapacitated for work or need to be absent for frequent medical tests and doctor appointments.

Has anyone else had this problem? For those of you whose doctors do acknowledge adhesions, have they been willing to sign FMLA papers? There are many people in my workplace who have things like back problems or migraines who have had access to this benefit for years.What constitutes a chronic condition and the right to job protection under this benefit?

Some people would say keep looking for the right doctor.(I'm in my 25th year of looking) But then again, doing just that may require time off of work which at some point may prompt a need for FMLA documentation for your employer.

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