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From: Kristine Lovaas (
Mon Jun 1 12:46:58 2009

Hi AnneMarie! This is Kris in Minnesota. It's been awhile since I've posted. I had a laparoscopy on the 4th of March to remove adhesions whicj were wrapped around all of my intestines and around my gall bladder area. During that surgery, a large, right sided ovarian cyst was discovered and removed. It was determined that my ovary needed to be removed, but they couldn't do it during that surgery because they didn't have my signed consent. I had minimal pain for about 12 days after that surgery. The "old pain" quickly returned. Its alwasy under my right ribcage. I had surgery again on the 14th of May to have my ovary out. My gallbladder was also removed because this pain is like gallbladder pain. There were adhesions back around my gallbladder area and around my ovary, which were removed. Again, I had about 10 days without the old pain and now it's back as bad or worse than ever. There is a remote possibility that it could be related to a pancreatic duct disorder. All other tests don't indicate that, but I'll be contacting my GI doc to schedule it. It's called an ERCP. If that shows normal, it's the adhesions, as I believe it to be. I've not heard of the nerve or damage to it that you referred to, but I'm certainly going to ask about it. Like you, especially sitting for very long puts me in excrutiating pain. I've been going to a very good pain management dr. I asked about an implantable medication delivery device they have there and if I could be a candidate if this last surgery wasn't successful. He said that I am. I will be discussing it on my next visit. I'll also be asking about the nerve you referenced. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope the pain consultant you see offers you relief. Take care!

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> So, I've been through a laporotomy for dence abdominal adhesions which
were > obstructing my bowel, I had a barrier spray and now, 13 weeks on I am
still > in agony!
> Saw my GP and she thinks I have iliolinguinual nerve damage - gotta say it
> is really, really painful - continual - sit too long, stand too long, lie
> flat too long - I just cant bare it!
> I am off to see a pain consultant see if he can help.
> Anyone been through the same thing

be the end to my 8 > year pain but now the pain from this nerve is almost worse than the pain
> from the Adhesions!
> I am soooo upset.
> Any ideas?
> Ann-Marie 
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