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>I had pain about 3 months after my surgery to remove them.
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>Subject: Adhesions back so soon?
>Hello everyone. I am so grateful to have found this message board, and
>people who truly understand what I go through. Here's my question...I
>had my 15th surgery the end of July. I have had a two c-sections, a
>complete hysterectomy, and many cyst, endometriosis, and adhesion
>surgeries. Before my July surgery, it had only been 9 months since my
>previous surgery. Things were just as bad inside despite the short time
>frame. Now, I am already back in the same pain! My doc (whom I love)
>says it is too early for the adhesions to become dense enough to cause
>the pain. He wants me to see a pain specialist to map out the nerves
>that are still inflamed, so a nerve block can be done. Call me crazy,
>but to me this just feels like adhesions all over again! Has anybody had
>it return so soon? What do you all think?
>To make matters worse, I told my Dr about the spray gel barrier being
>used in Europe. He told me it (or a similar one) was approved in the US
>a few weeks after my last surgery. Figures!
>Thank you for reading this long, prattling story! :)

Hi Stacy, Yes they can come back that soon! Your story sounds alot like mine. I have had 13 going in for 14th next week. I started with Endo. then c-section then total hyst. and then adhesions..... I have had 4 to take out the adhesions since my Hyst. in 2004. I have had 2 just this year. The first one was in Nov. '06 then after having 2 surgiries for abcess and omentum that had died I was in extream pain for a year even going to pain management and being on the max. amount of methodone and being so out of it that I couldn't function and still in major pain I finaly talked my Dr. into doing a ct scan. They saw that I had a hernia so I got a new surgen and when he went in to fix it found out that I had been wide open from just under the skin all the way through! This was from my belly button down to my pelvic area! I also had masive amounts of adhesions agian. Well, that was in Jan. 24th and June 17th he went back in and I was full of them agian! So yes they can! Oh yes and they are back and have to go back in agian! I have tried 3 nerve blocks in the last 2 months and they haven't done any good at all!! One spot hurts worse now than before the nerve block. Sorry so long! If you have any other questions let me know.


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