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>I had pain about 3 months after my surgery to remove them.
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>Subject: Adhesions back so soon?
>Hello everyone. I am so grateful to have found this message board, and
>people who truly understand what I go through. Here's my question...I
>had my 15th surgery the end of July. I have had a two c-sections, a
>complete hysterectomy, and many cyst, endometriosis, and adhesion
>surgeries. Before my July surgery, it had only been 9 months since my
>previous surgery. Things were just as bad inside despite the short time
>frame. Now, I am already back in the same pain! My doc (whom I love)
>says it is too early for the adhesions to become dense enough to cause
>the pain. He wants me to see a pain specialist to map out the nerves
>that are still inflamed, so a nerve block can be done. Call me crazy,
>but to me this just feels like adhesions all over again! Has anybody had
>it return so soon? What do you all think?
>To make matters worse, I told my Dr about the spray gel barrier being
>used in Europe. He told me it (or a similar one) was approved in the US
>a few weeks after my last surgery. Figures!
>Thank you for reading this long, prattling story! :)

Hi. I had my ovaries and appendix removed and tons of adhesions removed in December (the 2nd surgery for the adhesions). The pain came back in February. I have also had a small bowel resection in July (the 3rd surgery for me from adhesions) and have pain again that started in about September. I had the spray barrier. My doctor suggested I watch my diet and exercise because he does not want to go back in so soon. So, I understand because I too have had the pain come back within a couple of months after each surgery. Sincerely, Vicki >


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