Re: Pain Medication

From: Bonnie (
Sat Aug 30 22:50:37 2008

At Mon, 26 May 2008, Deborah Goldberger wrote: >
>I am currently taking 120 mg Oxycontin and 105 mg of Oxycodone per day
>(and that's just the narcotics). I know that there is no "right amount"
>but I was wondering if that seems high, low or about even to what some
>of you have taken or are taking? Even with these meds, I'm still in a
>lot of pain but when I explain that to my pain doc he pretty much just
>ignores me and he will not even seem to consider increasing it. In
>fact, he was decreasing it for awhile until I spoke to him about it and
>was able to convince him to leave the dosage alone. In spite of this
>issue, I do feel like he is trying to look out for my best interests and
>maybe increasing them any more would be dangerous or useless (I don't
>know as he never answers my question of why not). Can anyone give me an
>idea of whether this is a particularly high level and whether I should
>fight harder for an increase? When they were at a higher level
>previously, with a different pain doc, it was the only thing that helped
>the pain at all.
>Thank you so much - I would be lost without all of your help!

Hi Debbie Just wanted to say the dosage you are taking seems quite low to me.When my initial adhesion pain started 6 1/2 years ago I was taking percocet, around 2 -3 per day.But of course as time goes by, my condition kept getting worse and worse, and more pain and more pain., also it seems after being on a certain medication for so long, a person needs to increase regardless as you almost become immune to them, and naturally have to increase as the same dosage just does not help at all anymore.With my situation I was 6 - 7 per day of 80 mg Oxycontin, for about 3 - 4 years.But Dec 07, I could tell things were changing,my pain was getting unimaginable!!!Even breathing was painful.At this time, I discussed with my doctor the need to increase, and he was ok with this. January, Feb 08, when I was taking my health into my own hands, and fed up with absolutly no help from the doctors and specialists I had seen, over the 6 1/2 years I was honestly taking 10 - 12 , 80 mg Oxycontin per day, so basically 800 to 960 mg per day to try to be a bit normal, this amount still did not stop the severe pulling I had.I went to Germany, to Dr.Krushinski, and the day I arrived I am sure I had taken 12 - 13 Oxycontin.But this was my last day that I needed to take Oxycontin.So Deb, basically depending on the length of time you have had pain, what other narcotics you have taken before, and the gradual increase you automatically need to cover the same pain, I would say this amount is low compared to my case., and today I still have to wonder why, a person is made to feel like such a low life, when you are looked at by many many doctors as a drug addict.I went thru that feeling so many times, it was awful.If there are times that you cannot see your reg doctor, and must see another doctor to help, it makes a person feel almost embarrased to ask.This attitude needs to change badly.Why should we feel guilty on asking for our pain meds.???? I just do not understand!!! and believe me, there are not many doctors out there willing to help a chronic pain patient with the proper medication, if the reg doctor is gone on holidays or not in. Bonnie

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