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Is this awesome new Dr. in Seattle? If so, would you mind emailing me their info? impishnet@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance! Jan

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> Hey everyone,
> I just saw my new doc a few days ago. She is awesome! She listened to me
> really heard what I was saying. From reading all these posts, I here some
> common themes. First, that many have upper right abdominal pain. This is
> what I've been suffering from as well. There is a little known disorder
> Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome. You can look it up on Wikipedia. My doc told me
> its normally caused from a bacterial infection, and leads to pain
> surrounding the liver. If a laproscopy is done, "violin-string-like"
> adhesions will be found. The first treatment is antibiotics. However, I've
> been on so many antibiotics lately, my doc and I knew I didn't have the
> infection anymore. However, the pain can persist. I know it's not any
> or treatment, but I know sometimes having a name for what you're feeling
> just having more info. to take to doctors is important.
> The doctor also did a pelvic exam and she said I was suffering from
> vaginismus. Basically, my vaginal muscles are very tight...this can be
> caused by a number of things, including pelvic adhesions. It makes
> intercourse, and even inserting a tampon painful.  So, she is recommending
> physical therapy. Yup...for down there! I'm quite embarrassed and hesitant
> but she told me that I'm not the only person that goes through this and
> the therapist (female, thank god!) is very good and makes you feel very
> comfortable. The goal is to relax the muscles and will lead to a
> decrease in pain, and that I can actually enjoy intercourse again! WoHoo!
> I'll be happy to wear a tampon!
> Finally, she warned me about getting pregnant. The adhesions in my pelvis
> put me at a very high risk for an etopic pregnancy. The adhesions are all
> over my fallopian tubes and causing blockage, therefore the chances of an
> egg being fertilized there is very high. She said I probably can't get
> pregnant because of the adhesions, but if I do, more than likely it would
> etopic. I don't know if this is the case for any of you, but for those
> are new to "adhesion land" it may be good info. to have and, again, take
> doctors.
> I have found that it is good to do your own research before you see
> I actually printed off information and took it into my visit. She was
> perfectly fine with it :-). She also cool with me taking notes, she drew
> diagrams for me and allowed me to take those, as well. She thinks
> and the pain associated with them are VERY REAL. She put me on
> for pain, and is going to check in with me after two physical therapy
> I would also encourage everyone, if insurance/income allows, to see a
> psychologist or therapist of some sort. I'm not saying anybody is "crazy"
> but I think having someone to talk to about what we're going through is
> important. Of course, sites like this certainly help, as well!
> Now that I've written another book...I'm off to get some rest. For once, I
> have a glimmer of hope that my quality of life will improve.
> Wishing you all the best, and the least amount of pain,
> Rebeccas/

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