adhesions blocking my lower small intestines

From: Sue (
Sat Aug 30 22:27:12 2008


I have never posted here before but learned about it through another forum who suggested I contact someone through here.

This is a story I'm sure that many of you are familiar with but I wanted to share this and get some answers on what I should do next.

I actually had a slip and fall back on July 9th which caused a significant pain just under my right shoulder. I thought it had to do with the way I fell and eventually went to the Physical Therapist for help. Well along the way I am counting the days that I have not now moved my bowels and went back to my GP who checked me for Lymes Disease, Porphoryia, etc. Now fast forward to 15 days when I still have not moved my bowels and I am now admitted to the hospital to relieve the symptoms. After a tube down my nose to suction out my belly and then to have Go-Lytely force fed directly into my belly, two enemas, magnesium citrate I finally move what is left in the system. All KUB x-rays show an obstruction but the ct-scan and the barium enema show normal exams. So, I go into Boston and get the scope down the throat and up the other end to find that this all looks good too. Meanwhile the only way that I can move my bowels is by liquifying the contents. The doctors in the hospital said that it was due to a lack of colon motility and was ruling out adhesions. The doctor in Boston believes I have adhesions blocking my colon. So, because of insurance or lack thereof I have another test capsule endoscopy scheduled for Sept 22nd. I have found that Reglan removes the neasous feeling that I have and will enable me to actually eat something now. I have also noticed that some (very little) gas will actually pass out the far end. I have not been able to move gas but do however burp and have the hiccups quite a bit too. They have asked that I have no narcotics in my system as this slows the colon down and I take Miralax every morning. This is now day 3 without a bowel movement and I'm not sure how long to let it last. So ...

How long should I let this last and why won't a surgeon just go in and cut away the adhesions that are more than likely surrounding my lower intestine?

Four years ago I had a similar problem where when they took my gallbladder out the surgeon said that it took him longer to cut the adhesion then it did to take my gallbladder out. He also said that there was one that was just weeks away from emergency surgery surrounding my colon.

What does it take to get someone to just work on it before something bad happens? I have been feeling sick now for over 5 weeks and it's affecting my life in every way possible. It creates a major hardship at work.

Anyone out there experience this and can tell me what to do? I am completely exhausted from all of this.

Thank you!

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