Re: Fiber in diet

From: Amy (
Sat Aug 30 22:10:38 2008

I had an appt. with my family doctor yesterday... I wanted to get her help in surviving the next 5 weeks until I can see the new gynecologist I have found (who specializes in reconstructive surgeries and has dealt with adhesions, etc.)

I have a fibroid on my uterus which is causing heavy bleeding and pain, in addition to my abdominal adhesions.... which I believe are now causing some severe bowel problems. My stool is now like mush... & yellow like baby poop. I have to force even that out once every 3 days and its very painful.

Now, I was hoping my doctor would give me Levsin (pain medicine that helps IBS patients), to help me until I can see the gynocologist and proceed with treatment. I've had levsin before, its just been years - and back then it did help. Instead............. my family doc tells me "take in more fluids (ok) and eat more fiber, and if that doesn't help give me a call and we'll talk about levsin." (Well by that time I'll be going to see the gynecologist who I hope is more helpful). Fluids, I get... I'm trying to do better with that.

Now about my concerns....... everything I've read from posters suggest staying away from raw veggies, wheat breads, etc - the things that are all filled with fiber.

What I'm figuring is that my bowel is twisted again, like it was before, which won't allow the stool to pass until its basically liquified. So... she wants me to eat fiber and firm up my stool. I don't see how that's going to help me - it seems like that would cause more PAIN! (which she's not treating with levsin or anything else). I can barely pass stool as it is... if its firmed up won't that make it more painful???

Give me some guidance if you can... I don't trust this doc, and I don't want to make a mistake - I'd been leaning toward a "low residue diet" before I went to see her.

Thanks, Amy

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