Re: Incompetent surgeons in Washington state

Tue Aug 19 23:12:58 2008

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there's incompetent surgeons everywhere.

It's a sad truth. I live in a suburb of Detroit and we used to have some pretty good doctors and hospitals; and I believe they're still out there somewhere but there's way too much of what you describe going on here in Michigan too.

I don't know what's going on with doctors and hospitals these days, but they all seem to be more interested in doing what they do well and not trying to do anything else.

If it's difficult or risky, they don't want to bother. Most times you feel as if you're crazy. I am so frustrated with the medical community these days, I can't even tell you!

What you describe is not uncommon. Adhesion surgery is difficult. Extremely difficult. And if your surgeon didn't feel that he could do the job, well, count your lucky stars that he didn't try. I've had numerous surgeons over 30 years and one almost killed me by his incompetence. He got in way over his head (and skill level) and caused me to have an ileus which he didn't even know was a possibility. Then, when I had my hysterectomy 7 years ago, when my gyn got a look at all my adhesions he called in the on-call general surgeon to take down the adhesions and the general surgeon refused. Not wanting to have to open me up again, my gyno called in the colorectal surgeon on-call and he took down the adhesions. Both told me it was the most adhesions they had ever seen. The colorectal surgeon said he had seen someone with almost as many adhesions as I had, but in his words, " I took the cake".

I realize it's a huge inconvenience, but this damn disorder is a huge inconvenience. It never ends. I feel for you, please don't get me wrong. We, as sufferers, are simply not being heard. And I honestly feel that the medical community is trying to keep this disorder a great big secret.

A secret, adhesions are not. I am 47 years old and my mother had adhesion problems in the 1960's. It's not new and I think the medical community should be ashammed of themselves for not addressing this horrendous side effect of any surgery. I had small gland in my neck removed last year and I can feel the adhesions in my neck!

I have been steaming about this since I had my last adhesion surgery in May. I was suffering within weeks, again. I'm an intelligent woman who has done a lot of homework about adhesions outside of the hospital. Add in 30 years of doctors and hospitals and I'm fit to be tied!

I mad as hell that doctors continued to operate knowing full well that adhesions are an extremely likely side effect. Yet, no one talks about it. And when you tell a doctor you have adhesions, their eyes glaze over and they say something like, oh, we don't fix those cause they only come back.

REALLY! So my question is when are they going to make a real effort to change that? 40, 50 years not enough time??? What exactly is it going to take for them to start paying more attention to adhesions????

I know it has to be costing millions and millions of dollars every year in health care dollars. You'd think someone somewhere would want to do something about adhesions. I just wished I knew who. I've thought about starting a campaign of some sort, but my big question is who is going to listen? Who really cares about this? If someone has the answer, please share.

Caryn R

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> Subject: Incompetent surgeons in Washington state
> I never thought this was ever possible let alone that it would happen to
> me and I am thankful that I am not alone it all this. People do think I
> am crazy or making it up when I talk about the pain I feel on a daily
> basis.
> I had a C-Section in 1992, and two natural births after that. So it has
> been 16 years that they have been growing. I am now 38, I had been
> having what felt like menstral cramps since May of 2008. The first
> doctor I went to did a pelvic exam, said I dont see anything or feel
> anything that would be causing your pain. I wanted to kick him in his
> head when he was down there. He ordered a CT Scan and said I needed a
> second opinion. I went to another dr and a he ordered an ultra sound
> with out performing any exam, and found out I had cysts and masses on
> both of my ovaries and decided that they needed to come out. I was just
> going to have my tubes tied at the same time, since we decided not to
> have any more kids and my uterus cauterized to help with my menstral
> cycles.
> I scheduled 2 weeks off work and went in for the laproscopy, July 23rd.
> Dr. said it should be a piece of cake, the cysts might take a little
> longer but there shouldnt be any problems. I went under and then I woke
> from surgery to find out my doctor went in with the scope and found that
> I had adhesions. He tied the tubes, closed incision and did the
> cauterizing and left me with the cysts inside.
> He told my husband I had to have a hysterectomy and walked away. I went
> to the hospital 4 days later to get a copy of my consent form to
> understand why he just didnt do the hysterectomy while I was under the
> anesthesia the first time. (I wanted to make sure the form gave him the
> right to do that). They gave me a copy of the dr's notes and that is
> how I found out I had adhesions. It has been 1-1/2 weeks since the
> laproscopy and the doctor still has not called to say anything to me
> about it. Now I am going to have to be put to sleep again, take even
> more time off work and go thru all that pain again. I am still having
> pain in my left side and work is going to be worse now since I have so
> much lifting to do and where he did the laproscopy gets irritated so
> easily.
> I am going to the hospital to confront the administrators regarding this
> crap. I am so irritated that he didnt take care of it all while he had
> me under. It showed how incompetent he was as a doctor before he cut me
> open and had I known anything about him like this, he wouldnt have layed
> one hand on me. In one way I am thankful that if he didnt know what he
> was doing he didnt just start hacking and screw things up but he should
> have the education to know that this could have been a possible
> scenario.
> I too live in Washington state (Spanaway) and am looking for a doctor
> with Group Health to perform the new surgery. So please email me if you
> know of one.
> --
> Good luck to you all, and relief from the pain;
> Julie D.
> Spanaway, WA

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