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Thu Aug 14 14:18:15 2008

 have been prescribed cytotec 200mg twice a day.  It has the side effect that helps go potty.  Works for me and when it stops I quit taking it for a month and go back on it.

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From: [] On Behalf Of onna Johansen ent:I quit t Sunday, August 03, 2008 2:49 PM Subject: Re: help! I feel for you but unfortunately have no miracle cure.  It’s scary when you an’t do what is a basic, necessary function.  I suffer with it ontinually.  Right now it’s 10+ days and pain.  I am taking lactulose twice day which usually works after a few days.  I got out of sync because of ravel and now I don’t know what to do.  have had surgery for adhesions but this lingers much to my dismay. nyone have ideas on this? Donna ________________________________________ rom: [] On Behalf Of ________________________________________ ent: Saturday, August 02, 2008 1:39 AM o: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS ubject: Re: help! I have had luck with soap sud enema at the ER when my bowel back up.  This appens often to me,  I take colace twice a day and use miralax.  I nderstand how you feel!  Very painful.

-----Original Message----- rom: IAS Admin (Tracy) <> o: Multiple recipi ents of list ADHESIONS <> ent: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 7:29 pm ubject: help! ender: (patrisha) ubject: Help! For the last 4 months I have right side abdominal pain on top of vaginal ischarge and unable to have intercourse with my husband due to bleeding nd pain after.  I went to the doctors.  They did a pap test came back hat I had a bacterial infection.  I took the antibiotics for 4 days the ain on the right got worse and I started getting pain on my left bdominal side.  I went to the hospital they did an x-ray.  My large ntestine was blocked up.  Also they said I had PID.  I stayed in the ospital 7 days.  in 7 days they gave me IV, 3 kinds of antibiotics and ons of pain killers for the PID.  For the blockage I had fleet enema I id have a small bowel movement.  2 days after they gave me another nema.  Had another small bowel movement.  They gave me a oral laxative hich bloated me right up and give me crazy amount of pain and no bowel ovement.  I had a ultrasound but everything looked fine.  so I went ome.  Since I have been home the pain has gotten worse and I have other ains under my rids on both sides plus pain that is between my right rib nd hip that goes to my back.I went back to the hospital the doctor gave e a shoot of buscopan and sent me on my way.  I went to another ospital, they did x-rays - showed that my large intestine was still ull.  I had bl ood work done, everything came back good there was no nfection or inflammatory.  he gave me a sodium phosphates oral laxative o take at home.  I did have 5 or 6 bowel movement that was like brown ater.  I still have pain in the right and left abdominal that are like tabbing pain more in the right.  I still have the pain under my ribs nd on the right side between my rib and hip.  On top of it all I have een vomiting on and off the last week and 1/2.  I do have an adhesion hat is on my right side that is attracted to my intestine and fallopian ube.  Plus I have crohns.  I don't know what to do!

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