Re: small bowel adhesions ,lower back agony

From: debra hall (
Wed Aug 13 12:44:00 2008

Dear Joanne, my name is Debra,i too suffer from the dreaded endo and lots of lovely adhesions. I have been doing this for over 30 yrs and 17 surgeries. I also have fibromyalgia(spelling?).Its sure gets old being sick and tired,so anytime you want to reach out feel free ok your message just rang a familiar bell with me. i live this life too! Take care Debra > hi there my name is joanne,i want to chat with someone who
> has extensive
> adhesions like myself,ive had a hysterectomy due to severe
> endometriosis,now i have lots of small bowel adhesions due
> to my uterus
> being attatched to my bowel,i still have the dreaded
> endometriosis,i am
> in pain in my lower back all of the time,and have tummy
> ache 99% of the
> time,i also suffer with chronic I.B.S ,which means it never
> goes
> away,which also makes me in pain all the time,ive had a lot
> of surgeries
> over the years,a lobectomy when i was ten,about 11
> laparoscopys,3
> laparotomys,and a hysterectomy,so needless to say there are
> a lot of
> adehsions in my pelvic area,i spend most of the time on my
> bed,with hot
> water bottles,i feel depressed ,lonely and frustrated most
> of the
> time,my partner i have to say is very understanding,as sex
> is a no go,if
> it does happen i have to spend the following day bed ridden
> as it makes
> me in agony,someone in the same boat as me to talk too
> would be great,i
> am also very frightened,as i have read some horrible things
> that can
> happen when you have bowel adhesions, look forward to
> hearing from you
> ,regards joanne in the uk.x

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