Re: small bowel adhesions ,lower back agony

From: Joanna (
Sat Aug 30 22:17:01 2008

Thanks for your response. After years of going through this, it helps to know that I'm not the only one. Lately my problem seems more severe. Someone told me that worry and concern causes the condition to get worse. Yes, I too get scared. I always wonder how it would feel to be relieved of this pain just one time. It's a daily cross. I belong to a gym and I do alot of walking and weight lifting. I have problems sitting for long periods of time. My back hurts all the time. I am always afraid to make plans to go on trips because sitting on a plane or bus is sheer torture. Do you have problems sitting? Thanks Joanne

I've had surgery on my female organs twice. After the first surgery, I had a gangrenous obstruction caused by adhesions. A foot of my intestines were removed. After six months, I had swelling, back pain and trouble eliminating. I watch my diet carefully. Four years ago, I had a tumor growing off of my right ovary. The tumor was large and attached to my bowel and my bladder. The Surgeon was surprised at the adhesions I had. It took the surgeons two hours to get to the tumor as they had to remove adhesions first. The tumor was benign. I am back suffering more than ever with back pain, swelling and problems with elimination. I know of no one who has adhesions. This is a daily chronic problem and at times it goes from bad to worse. It bothers me to sit for long periods of time. Please e-mail me if anyone is going trough this as its hard to deal with alone. Is there any medication I can take to relieve some of these symptom's?

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