Re: Adhesions and possible infertility???

From: Mary (
Fri Aug 1 21:02:06 2008

Hi Bethany,

I too have adhesions. In my case, my story is a bit different as I have a 3yr old, however, my adhesions started sometime after I delivered, (he was conceived through fertility treatments for unrelated reasons).

Since summer 2007, I did 7 IUI cycles trying to conceive baby #2 at my fertility clinic, ( I did 1 natural cycle = m/c, 4 clomid and 2 injectible cycles). Half way between all this I had an HSG done which was clear, so I figured timing must have been off because everything else was perfect. Nope. I had a diagnostic lap, hystero and D&C done this past May which showed I have severe adhesions which have wrapped themselves around both ovaries, tubes and uterus. My bowel is stuck to the back of my uterus. In a few weeks, (August), I have a second lap surgery to hopefully remove these adhesions. I will then go on to IVF as soon as I recover and hopefully before they grow back. Keep in mind I have never had a surgery or PID up until this point.

My RE told me that as I am right now w/out the surgery, I could not conceive even with IVF as my ovaries aren't accessible the way they are twisted down and inwards and stuck to the uterus. They would have trouble reaching the eggs for retrieval.

Up until about a month ago I had no pain related to the adhesions at all. Recently in the past few weeks though I've had about 4 terrible episodes where I can feel a bowel obstruction. I get bad back pain on my lower left back and stomach as well as feeling very nauseous and dizzy. I'm hoping these episodes aren't frequent as they are quite debilitating, but wonder why it doesn't occur often, (so far that is).

At Mon, 21 Jul 2008, Bethany wrote: >
>To start off, I'll give you a brief bit of my history (or as brief as I
>can put it). I am now 25 years old. When I was just a year old, I had
>abdominal surgery for an intestinal volvulus, which is where the bowels
>twist, and they twist around eachother. My bowels were re-arranged from
>the surgery, so much so, that they had to remove my appendix because it
>ended up in my left upper abdomen (instead of the right lower abdomen,
>where it should be). My large bowels are located on the left half of my
>abdomen and my small bowels on the right. I never had any problems
>growing up, until I was 18 years old, when I had my first bowel
>obstruction. This was in January of 2002. In total, I've been
>hospitalized with 4 bowel obstructions since January of '02. In between
>hospitalizations, I have what I can only describe as
>"mini-obstructions". Its the same quality of pain and same location, it
>just never progresses enough for me to go to the ER. My GI doc suggests
>that adhesions are to blame for my obstructions.
>I'm now 25 years old and am trying to get pregnant with my husband of
>almost 2 years. I've been trying to conceive since December of 2007.
>After only 3 cycles of trying to conceive, I was put on Clomid, after it
>was determined that I was not ovulating. The majority of women who get
>put on clomid become pregnant within 3 cycles of Clomid. I'm now on my
>4th, expecting my period any day now, as I don't think I'm pregnant. I
>have a laparoscopic surgery scheduled for September 23rd, because my OB
>said that I have a 50/50 chance of having adhesions in my reproductive
>tract, which could be displacing my ovaries.
>My question is.. is there anybody out there who has had a similar
>problem with adhesions and trying to get pregnant? I really don't have
>much hope for getting pregnant before my laparoscopy. I get these
>crampy type pains in my pelvic area, right on the inside of my hips,
>which I suspect to be adhesions. So, I just don't know...
>Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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