Re: Can't sleep and feel like I am losing my mind

From: Renee (
Sat May 17 21:47:00 2008

At Mon, 5 May 2008, Lynda wrote: >I always read this website to see if there are any new treatments. Your
story hit home with me. I too have been suffering chronic, debilitating pain from adhesions for five years now after multiple surgeries for endo. I had a hysterectomy six years ago. A year after the hysterectomy the pain started. I had a great career which I had to retire from. I was always active but the pain from adhesions slows me down. I too feel crazy on bad pain days and don't know what to do. I do have a good pain management doctor but some of the time the pain goes right through the medicine. I just want you to know that you are not alone and many other people like you and I are suffering. Please enjoy the less pain days and rest on the horrific days. It's a battle that right now cannot be won. If I felt better, I would push for more studies on this horrible painful condition. Take care and God Bless. Renee (45 years old) New Jersey

>The pain from adhesions has continued to grow daily for the past few
>weeks. Heating pads, soaking in the tub and over the counter
>medications seem to have no affect any longer. The see-saw of
>constipation/diarhea has made me afraid to eat. I am overweight, and
>have had several abdominal surgeries over the past fourteen years,
>including many for adhesion removal. I also have pain in the area where
>epidurals were given during child birth, and the groin area where heart
>catherizations were inserted. The pain centers in my lower right groin
>area and radiates around my lower abdomen and back---and down both legs.
>Tonight (it is actually almost 4AM) I cannot sleep because not only am I
>in extreme pain, but suddenly both my legs and especially my feet are
>freezing cold. Although they try to be sympathetic, I know family and
>friends are skeptical that something they cannot see can cause such
>severe pain. I feel myself struggling to perform normal daily
>activities and often push myself past my pain limitations to do things I
>know have to be done. For instance, although I was suffering terribly
>this morning, I forced myself to go grocery shopping, and accompany my
>cousin to the pet store, and hardware store--putting my self on my feet
>for several hours with no relief. Then, the simple act of putting away
>the groceries, and cooking dinner was the straw that broke the camels'
>back so to say. I know I am overweight, and I know many doctors will
>say I need to lose this weight in order to feel healthier--and the act
>of limiting my food intake is something I am working very seriously on.

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