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If you do have to have surgery, make sure you go to someone who deals with adhesions on  a regular basis. There are several good docs mentioned on this site that are good. Mine happens to be Dr Gerhart in Pa. I'm a lot better since seeing him 2 years ago.

Good Luck Marlene

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> Subject: Help Me!
> Well I just happened to come across this site and found that finally
> this pain I've been dealing with is NOT all in my head. I was about 8
> years old when I had my appendix out and my scar is huge ( most drs
> question what that scar is from) Then in my 20s my OB thought I had
> endometerosis. They did a lap and nothing but still in pain. I have
> been hospitalized 3 times over the past 4 years for bowel abstruction
> and the surgeon stated that he "could" do surgery because of the scar
> tissue but that would cause more scar tissue. Well I've been dealing
> with constant pain for about a year now. Gall Bladder is fine,
> Endoscopy is fine ( althought they stated I have gastritis) I have a
> hemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary but the ovary is push over further to
> the right by scar tissue an there is fluid in the abdomin area. The drs
> just told me to drink lots of water and add more fiber to my diet so my
> bowels will keep moving. The pain medication knocks me out and I'm a
> single mom with a 5 year old. I need to get better not only for me but
> for her as well.

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