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Surgery typically just causes more adhesions.  I know it is so painful and all you want is relief.  After eight of my own surgeries, I am just worse than ever. Ladies, I am not at all convinced that even the best surgeons can permanently remove the adhesions.  I do understand that even temporary relief seems worth it.  I thought the same thing until the last bowel resection.  Nothing has been worse than that. Because of the risk of bowel surgery or perforation it's not worth it to me.  I am taking Ultram ER and it is truly helping me with pain.  However, I do require extensive laxatives to counteract the constipation.I am taking Amitiza and Miralax and sometimes even other laxatives. The benefit too for me is that I keep losing weight since going on the meds. I am no longer swelling up and feeling bloated. I do really recommend this treatment so I hope me passing this along helps any of you!  Trade in Percocet for Ultram ER!!   God bless and lots well wishes to all.   Kelly

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I am seeing the surgeon tomorrow on Monday morning to set up a date for the surgery. The pain has increased and is now also on the right side and left side as well. My pain doctor increased my pain med which is percocet to 10mg.My family is frustrated at me because they just can't understand why I am still suffering with this.I try my hardest to explain and my mother seems to be the only one who understands what I go through. My sister does not because she is under alot of stress of her own right now. I just want relief from this pain, even if it is only for a couple of years of pain free, to me it is worth it. If anyone out there would like to talk, I am always here to listen and pray with you. Also I could help search a list of doctors in your area for you if need be. Take care and God bless, Dalene

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