Re: gallbladder adhesions

Mon May 5 12:30:21 2008

Hi Steve. Your story is very familiar to me. I had my gallbladder removed on June 2006 and approximately 6 months after I started having severe pain in the same area, it was not the same kind of pain I had before my gallbladder was removed. I went to the Dr and he did all kinds of tests X-rays, Ultra Sounds, CT Scan's, MRI's... My doctor referred my to a gastroenterologist for an ERCP, but instead I had a EGD the gastroenterologist refused to do the ERCP because of what happened to you, and when he told me about the risks I agreed a 100% with him. The pain was so severe that I had to go to the ER multiple times and they could not find anything wrong so they thought I was just making up all that to get pain killers. I took pain killers daily for a while until I got tired of not having a regular life and I stopped taking them. All my tests were normal so my doctor was getting tired of me. One day he told me that he thought I may have adhesions from the surgery, and that if that was the case the only way to treat them was surgery which could make you have more. I asked him what I needed to do. He told me that since adhesions can not be seen in any kind of tests we didn't have an accurate diagnostic and that the only thing we could try to do was looking for a surgeon that will be willing to do an exploratory surgery and that's very hard to do without a diagnostic. He told me he was going to try to find one, but he never did. At that point I was so disappointed with doctors that I stopped going to the doctor and taking my pain killers and started managing the pain if you can call it that way because pretty much I've been ignoring the pain as much as I can. I went back to my doctor last Monday, after a little bit over a year and told him that I needed something done because I can't life like this forever, that I knew that surgery was the only treatment and there was a good chance of getting them back, but I wanted to try and have a little bit of quality life until they come back IF they do come back. This time he told me to go back to the surgeon that remove my gallbladder to see if he is willing to do surgery. I have an appointment on May 14th and I'm hoping that he can help me. I will let you know the outcome of my appointment, but my suggestion to you is to try to go back to the surgeon and see if he can help you out as well.


At Wed, 23 Apr 2008, Steve wrote: >
>Hello all. First time here and I'm finally reading some familiar things.
>I don't know if adhesions are my problems but from what I've read here,
>it could be. I had my gall bladder out in Dec 2006 and was fine until
>Oct 2007. Started having sever stabbing pain in the same area as gall
>bladder but it was ten times worse. Ended up on the floor at 3am and
>then in an ambulance an at the ER. They said I must have been passing a
>hidden gall stone. Stayed over night and the next morning they did an
>ERCP. Woke up with sever Pancreatitis and was in the hospital for 2
>weeks after. A few weeks later I started having breathing trouble
>and some strange feelings in my side right at the site of the gall
>bladder. It was like something was hanging, like a weight inside my
>stomach. Kinda like tugging. It would come and go and I managed to
>work most of January but then it got horribly worse and I have been at
>home since Feb 1. I've had Ct scans and xrays and keep getting told
>that there's nothing wrong. Yet I can't function! It hurts to breath,
>eat, stand up, lie down. I brought up scar tissue but was told that it
>wouldn't cause this much trouble. I am really at a point of no return.
>Pain pills don't work long and the pain returns. I am at a point where
>I feel like taking them all just to make it stop. I mean I really
>wouldn't do that but it is getting simply unbearable. Are there
>specific doctors that deal with this, because mine isn't willing to do
>anything else. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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