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Not everyone has had a good experience with Dr. Redan so make sure you do your homework.

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> Hi the Dr. In New York Is Dr Farr or Camron Nezhat look them up on the
> web they have a web page office in NY, Atlanta, and California
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> >who is the Doctoer in New York?
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> >> I am glad that you are working on getting to see Dr. Redan. I just
> >> came home from my visit to see him. He was very Nice and easy to
> >> communicate with. He was very understanding and extremely knowledgeable
> >> with all areas of our conditions. Christine with CAPPS was very helpful
> >> and she was there for my appointment . I too have been dealing with
> >> adhesions for years and many surgeries. I had a wonderful Dr in Atlanta
> >> who was a wonderful help but he was limited to the female pelvic area
> >> only.I was able to go 51/2 years with out an intestinal blockage or
> >> major pain due to the use of interceed barrier. When the intestines
> >> became so involved then I knew it was time for better. I feel that Dr.
> >> Redan is it. He has the ability to use the barriers and take special
> >> precautions to slow the production of adhesions and know all the
> >> different thing that adhesions can cause and is willing to help. What
> >> we all need to realize is that, no matter how good the surgeon,
> >> adhesions will find its way to cause havoc on our lives they are
> >> inevitable but, he can help make the times in between longer and better.
> >> We also have to find ways to accept it and make our lives cope with it,
> >> pain meds are not the only answer they can also cause more problems with
> >> adhesions.Everyones conditions are different and different things work
> >> in different ways. He was well worth the trip and His staff and CAPPS
> >> will be there to help.
> >>
> >> One word of advise when you make plans to go to Celebration, make sure
> >> you give yourself extra time due to unforeseen problems etc.. Dr
> >> cancellations or delays, or additional testing,they are Drs. and they
> >> do have emergencies My appt was for Mon Am and was canceled, I had appts
> >> there with other Drs. too so they had me fill out paperwork then see
> >> him later if he made it back, and they would work me in ASAP I seen Dr.
> >> Redan the next am and he made plenty of time for me.
> >> For those out there who dont think it is worth the trip to celebration,
> >> because they have not had good experiences with surgery I hope that you
> >> would reconsider or at least get a referral to someone elsewhere in the
> >> USA he would know them because they get together for conferences, He new
> >> the Dr in Atlanta and his Brothers in California and NY.Lis your
> >> sentiments were right on the money Good Luck with your trip
> >> Dawn
> >
> >> At Mon, 25 Feb 2008, Lis:- wrote:
> >>>
> >>>I want to thank those of you who have seen Dr. Redan at the
> >>>Celebrations Hospital in Florida and encouraged the rest of us to
> >>>consider a consultation. Because this seven week long episode has left
> >>>me distended like I'm seven months pregnant and wheezing from the
> >>>constant pressure on my lungs,I decided to take my health back into my
> >>>own hands. I canceled the next two tests the GI doctor ordered, filled
> >>>out the initial online paperwork and submitted it.

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