Lifetime of adhesions

From: mary (
Wed Apr 23 23:29:21 2008

Hello, my name is Mary and since I was two days (my first surgery-Unknow) I have been dealing with small bowel abstructions due to adhesions. I am 59 yrs. old and have had several surgerys since birth which has cause more adhesions.They tell me that my bowel is stuck and not free moving,so I should not eat alot of fiber. I am in the hospital at least once a year for 3-5 days. The usual treatment-ng tube,pain meds, and intervenious.In 1988 I was in seven times which had extreme stress on my family. There were and still are times I just want to crawl in ahole and stay there. I have missed out on so many hoildays with my children and family because of my problem.I have cronic pain, I can't lift any thing heavy,the pain at times makes me extremely tired.I do my best every day to go on with life, never knowing when I will be going to the hospital again,the attacks come on that quickly.I feel for everyone who is dealing with adhesions, they are real and very painful.Over the years I have tryed diets, stress relievers,how I move and lift things, it doesn't matter, the adhesions are there and when they want to attack they do. This time in my life I think of cancer(my father died of colon cancer)and all the problems I have had over the years with my bowels and adhesions, will I get colon cancer. My doctors tell me no,my obstuctions have noithing to do with cancer, sometimes you wonder.How much stress can my body and bowels take. If there is anyone who would like to talk about there adhesion problems, I am here, I know first hand what your going threw.Good Luck and God Bless You All. Mary

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