Re: I just don't want to live like this anymore.

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Wed Apr 23 23:25:20 2008

At Tue, 15 Apr 2008, Caryn Ruzich wrote: >
>There is a surgeon in St. Clair Shores, Michigan named Abdalkadar Hawasli
>who does laproscopic removal of adhesions. In fact, he is THE doctor who
>fist pioneered the removal of the gallbladder by laproscopy. I am having my
>second adhesion surgery by him later this week. Dr. Hawasli is an
excellent >surgeon and agreed to help me when no one else was willing. If you can
make >the trip to Michigan, he is well worth it. Dr. Hawasli works out of St.
>John Hospital in Detroit, MI. Look him up. I too have been dealing with
>adhesions for almost 30 years and I count my blessings that one of my
>previous surgeons turned me on to him.
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>Your story is way too familiar to me.  My last surgery was June 28, 2006
for >ovarian cysts. Of course while the surgeon was in there she found my bowels
>were attached to the abdominal wall so she resected about two inches of the
>bowels.  I never recovered from that surgery so I've been off work almost
>two years now.  I take senakot laxatives twice a day and the miralax twice
a >day too.  All my bowel movements are painful too almost like being in
>labor.  I know I have an obstruction right now, I haven't been able to have
>a BM now for 8 days. I too have a lawyer working on SSI and no we are
>waiting to get a date to go before a judge.  I am at the ropes end here,
I'm >so sick of being sick all the time.  My family really doesn't understand
>what I'm going through at all.  I've been fighting adhesions for the last
20 >years.  If I had the money I would either go to Germany or where ever Dr.
>Redan is at.  If it wasn't for my two daughters, (19 and 16) I more than
>likely would not be here. It's so hard to keep going when you don't have a
>life because of the constant pain. I was just told a little more than a
week >ago that my liver enzymes are too high. None of the surgeons here in
>Stillwater, Minnesota believe that adhesions cause pain.  I'm not sure I
>would want any of them to cut me open again so if I ever come into money I
>would definitely go see Dr. Redan.  I hope they find a cure one day soon, I
>would really hate for my kids to ever have to go through this.  Thank You
>everyone for letting me vent a little.

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