Chest not able to expand as much

From: Sarah (
Tue Apr 15 10:47:07 2008

Hi all.

I am having my lysis of adhesions surgery with Dr. Gerhart in Pennsylvania on the 30th of this month, thank god.

I am a bit concerned though, I used to just have pain when I took deep breaths but now I am not able to breath as deeply. It seems as though my chest just doesn't expand as much as it used too. I am also finding myself out of breath more frequently than usual, especially if I have been talking. I feel very tight in my chest when I sit down, if I've been standing for a few minutes.

I have been waiting for awhile to have surgery, at this point I am nearly bed-bound. (Well, chair-bound since I can't lie down..) My right side is very painful and I try not to do anything with my right arm. My pain is mostly around where my gallbladder used to be, and I have a kink in my small intestines from the adhesions. I am taking two and a half 5mg percoset three times daily as prescribed by my GP.

I am just concerned because, the pain has been increasing every week or so, which I figure is normal, but this doesn't seem normal and I'm worried that my insides are just being pulled on much too tightly.

Some of it could be gas, I guess, I have been avoiding as much fiber as possible because of my kink.. gas always gets stuck there.. but the breathing thing has been coming on for awhile and doesn't go away when I pass gas.

I sent an email to my doctor, we'll see what he says.. I'm just worried and I don't know if this is what usually happens or not.

Thanks for reading!

- Sarah

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